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The Tidy Dog Company

Western Australia 6060
M0403 774 803

This pleasant ,quirky, little garden salon never takes more than 3 dogs at a time. This is a pleasant, sociable number for confident, mature dogs yet a low enough number to reduce stress for very old or very young dogs. It also reduces the risk of agent transfer between dogs eg fleas, mites, tics or infections - I know it is not nice to mention these but they do get attached to our loved ones and busy grooming salons are perfect transfer stations for beasties!

This former nurse turned professional dog groomer brushes/combs, bathes, blow dries n styles your dog as well as cutting nails, plucking ears and checking teeth. First appointment is at 09.30 and all dogs must be collected by 14.30. A friendly text message or phone call will let you know when your dog is ready.

Grooming days are divided into big dog days and small dog days.

Every effort is taken to groom your dog to your personal preference. All styles are possible. In choosing the style pattern for your dog priority is given to the age, health, personality and hair condition of your dog when it arrives. Long haired dogs who are matted and rarely brushed will not tolerate being plucked and preened into standard breed styles. An alternative, low maintenance pet clip will be offered instead.


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