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Tiny Town Miniature Horse Stud

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Our Philosophy: The most important thing for our stud is to have happy, healthy horses. We provide an opportunity for every horse, including our showteam to graze, play and interact with each other on a daily basis. This ensures the horses are at their best all year round so, everyone's a winner………

About Us

Proudly breeding miniature horses with sound conformation, striking colour and wonderful temperament.
Situated in Boyland, nestled in the Canungra Valley, Tiny Town Stud began in 1996 when I purchased my first mare in foal. Tiny Town then became home to a stallion and five other mares, and so the breeding program began.
Over the years Tiny Town has expanded and in June 2004 we purchased Arrowdell Stud stock, including 5 stallions and 16 mares. Our stock is now a mix of Australian and American bloodlines.
Since, we have purchased a full American filly and colt to introduce different bloodlines & characteristics into our breeding program and our stock is now a mix of Australian and American bloodlines. Over the years we have refined our stock in an attempt to breed the best possible miniature horse. Our show results over the years have proven this, and at the 2009 MHAA Qld Foal Futurities, Tiny Town was acknowledged the 2nd most successful breeder. 2010 Tiny Town Stud wins most succeful breeder

All our horses are registered with the Miniature Horse Association of Australia (MHAA) and with the IMHR


Services to both boys available to a limited number of outside mares. Conditions apply - please contact us for further information.

Tiny Town Carbon Copy (Nelson)

Sire: Travis of Arrowdell 34” Black Roaning
Dam: Arrowdells Little Gem 33.5 Chestnut Pinto
Color: Black
D.O.B: 6/11/2005
Birth height: 22.5""

Little Dobbin Batiks Blueprint (Bluey) - Full American

Sire: Pacific Batik Prints (Imp USA) 30" Black Pinto
Dam: NFC'S Sugar Boys Lil Sug (Imp USA) Chestnut pinto
Colour: Bay Overo
Birth height: 20.5"

Comments: Bluey has settled in well, loves hooning around the paddock with his playmates.


Arrowdells Little Gem (Gemma) - 33.5" Mare

Sire: Alqueria Little Joker 35" Chestnut (flaxen mane & tail)
Dam: Roselea Sharleen 33.5" Chestnut Pinto
Colour: Chestnut Pinto
D.O.B: 20/10/1999

Comments: Wow, this mare has produced some awesome progeny. First, Tiny Town Carbon Copy (Nelson) who is doing very well in the show circuit, which includes 2007 National Reserve Champion (you can see is success on the colts page).

Last year's foal - full brother to Nelson - is Tiny Town Visual Effect, who will hopefully follow in his brother's hoofsteps.


Tiny Town Gamblers Lucky Chip

Sire: Cranage Heza Gamblin Man
Dam: Arrowdells Little Gem chestnut pinto 32"
Dob:19th Dec 2009
Colour: chestnut colt
Birth Height: 21"
Comment: Chip is half brother to Nelson and Skip, we have waited 3 years for another foal from
this mare as we lost a foal during EI and it was well worth the wait.
Chip has got beautiful free flowing movement with high action just like his father.
We are very pleased with this little man, he is a stunning allround package.

Tiny Town Jack of Hearts (Cruiser)

Sire: Hot Spot Jack 33" Black Pintaloosa
Dam: Arrowdells Princess 35" Chestnut Taffy
D.O.B.: 3rd October 2008
Colour: Chestnut tobiano
Birth height: 23.5"

Comments: Wow this boy has legs and he is going to do us proud in the show ring. We would love to keep him but 4 boys are enough. You won't be disappointed with this fellow!


Tiny Town BBs Whata Gift (Brodie)
Black filly
Birth Height: 20"
DOB: 10th Oct 2010
Sire: Little Dobbin Batiks Blueprint
Dam: Tiny Town Little Siesta

Comments: No time for mum to have a nap with this little filly, from the moment she stood up
she didn't stop running. Siesta didn't know what hit her...
Brodie hoons around the paddock kicking and bucking most of the day and a little show off to
Coooper trying to encourage him away from his mum... I think we have a little mischief on our hands.

Tiny Town CC's Lady Soraya

Sire: Tiny Town Carbon Copy 35" Black
Dam: Arrowdells Princess 35" Chestnut taffy
Colour: Black/Brown
D.O.B: 12th October 2009
Birth height: 23.5"

Comments What a filly!! Leggy, correct and beautiful movement. I reckon she's a contender for best noggin too! Very friendly and loves her cuddles.

Little Dobbin Batiks Suay (Suay)

Sire: Pacific Batik Prints (Imp USA) 30: Black pinto
Dam: Our Lil Dobbins Snippets Enchanten 33.75" chestnut pinto
Colour: Bay
Birth height: 20"

Comments: Suay (meaning beautiful in Taiwanese) is a perfect name for this gorgeous filly. She has settled in and become best mates with Delta. She certainly gives the boys a run for their money as to who can run the fastest.

Tiny Town 'J' Delta Cream

Sire: Hot Spot Jack 33" Black Pintaloosa
Dam: Patona Park Bound For Glory 32" Bay Pinto
Colour: Black Pinto
D.O.B: 14/09/2007
Birth height: 21"

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