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A15 Emu Road
Victoria 3429
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   With 25 plus years of experience in both pet care and customer service we understand the issues, what to look for to make sure all is as it should be with your loved one's health and happiness. We also guarantee to keep you informed on the rare occasions when there are any issues.

Superior Care For Special Pets

About Us
WELCOME TO TREETOPS: We are located in Sunbury just 30 minutes from Melbourne and 15 minutes from Tullamarine airport. Close to the city with a country-like atmosphere: Kookaburras, Parrots, Kangaroos and Possums - it's all here.

We are a medium sized facility which means we can offer personalised care and attention. Our approach is not only to provide superior pet care but also superior levels of customer service. We think every pet and their owner is an individual combination. If you have special needs, just let us know and we will try our best to accommodate them.

We understand that boarding your pet is a big decision and boarding can sometimes be a bit stressful especially for YOU. So we go out of our way to make the experience as pleasant as we can for everyone. At every stage we put the health and happiness of your loved one first.

With 25 plus years of experience in both pet care and customer service we understand the issues, what to look for to make sure all is as it should be with your loved one's health and happiness. We also guarantee to keep you informed on the rare occasions when there are any issues.

Key Point Summary
We've included a bullet point summary of why we think TreeTops is superior to most other boarding kennels. Whether or not you decide to leave your loved one in our care, a lot of these points should be considered when deciding on a boarding facility.
  • With over 20 years experience in pet care, constantly studying the issues relating to pet care and having operated one of the largest boarding facilities in Australia, we know what to look for and what to do to make for successful boarding experiences.
  • Super premium food, bedding and exercise is all INCLUDED in the price.
  • Every guest is treated as an individual if there are specific requirements we can usually accommodate them.
  • We categorically do not double pets from different families.
  • Pets from the same family can either share the same enclosure or be separate - the choice is yours.
  • All our staff are trained to assess a pet's physical and mental condition not to just clean and feed.
  • Cage cards are kept when needed, if something needs attention it's written down not just remembered.
  • All guests receive a hands-on inspection every day.
  • We aren't afraid to contact you or your vet should we feel the need.
  • We only use premium foods -Eukanuba, Proplan, Nature's Gift, Eco-pet, home cooked pasta, rice and vegetables and human grade lamb, chicken or turkey mince. We feed as many times as you like at no additional charge.
  • We only use top quality shampoos, conditioners and colognes.
  • All food and water bowls are hygienic stainless steel.
  • A lot of effort goes into keeping guests and their accommodation clean and even more importantly DRY.
  • Bedding is checked regularly, dirty or wet bedding is replaced when required.
  • If possible we mop floors with disinfectant rather than hosing or pressure cleaning - it keeps the dogs drier.
  • All waste in continually cleaned up - not just at specific times.
  • Everything is supplied but you are welcome to bring toys, bedding, treats etc from home. (Not bean bags).
  • Vaccinations need to be current (within last 12 months); C5 for dogs and F3 for cats.
  • All dogs receive a compulsory warm bath, brush and blow-dry before departure. ( A $10 charge applies)
  • Dogs receiving playtime get at least 30 minutes every day
  • A realistically priced transport service is available.
  • Our aim is to present your pet back to you in as good or better condition than they were on arrival.

TreeTops Difference
At TreeTops our philosophy is simple - we offer Superior care for your pets, which means a lot more than simply feeding and cleaning. We believe we are here to look after the physical and mental welfare of your pet which means we are constantly assessing their behaviour and that the environment is controlled. We take action to make sure all guests are progressing well.

Our main kennel is an indoor-outdoor combination so dogs can shelter from the elements or go out into the sunshine when they want. Everyone is securely locked indoors at night again with full protection from the elements.
We pay particular attention to any form of stress whilst boarding and especially try to make sure every guest is compatible with their next door neighbour.
Food and fresh, clean water is of prime importance and we only feed the best quality. We use Eukanuba exclusively because of its quality, it's small pellet size which makes it suitable for all breeds and also because it seems to be the most palatable of the premium foods for the majority of pets. We usually cook a mixture of pasta, mince and vegetables to mix through the dry food and only use human-grade meats.
All our guests are made to feel special and they all receive numerous pats and kind words every day. Small dogs and cats get picked up cuddled and stroked to let them know we care about them.

At TreeTops we include:
Super Premium food, bedding and exercise at no additional charge.

Regular email updates including photos if you are away for extended periods.

Individual cage cards, when necessary, just like the vets use. Every day your pet will be monitored for food intake, their toilet habits and their mental attitude. We do this to make sure all is well with your pet, any issues are detected as soon as possible.

We categorically DO NOT double your pet with anyone else's.

We try our hardest to keep all guests as clean as possible and pay particular attention to keeping them DRY. We mop enclosures where possible rather than using hoses or pressure cleaners. If we need to hose we will usually move your dog to a different dry enclosure.

Bedding is provided by us and checked EVERY DAY, if it is soiled or wet then it is REPLACED.

Every pet receives a hands on inspection every day, whilst we can't be perfect we do try our hardest to make sure everything is as it should be. If there is an issue we act immediately. If you need to be contacted about any issues we don't hesitate.

Dogs receiving play-time get at least a full 30 minutes every day.

Exercise is different to play-time and all dogs receive an exercise period every day.

A complimentary flea rinse on arrival is offered if needed.

All dogs receive a compulsory wash, shampoo, condition, brush and blow-dry the day before departure.

We only use the best organic shampoos (Herb Doctor's), conditioners and colognes.

We take action on issues immediately, including involving the vet if needed.

We only use premium foods not the cheapest, food is of prime importance and we take it seriously.

All food and water bowls are hygienic stainless steel which are washed and rinsed between use.

Water bowls are not "topped-up" they are emptied, cleaned and refilled as needed.

Some veterinary procedures such as de-sexing can be carried out whilst boarding which can be very convenient for you.

A realistically priced transport service is available.

Our aim is to present your pet back to you in as good or better condition than they were on arrival.

Dog Boarding
At TreeTops, we have two types of dog accommodation, Standard and Courtyard Suites.

Standard accommodation consists of an indoor/outdoor area for each dog. Your best friend sleeps inside at night in a completely weather-proof building. During the day the doors are opened and the dogs then have access to both the in-door and out-door areas.
This gives the benefit of a snugly sleeping area at night and plenty of fresh air and sunshine during the day. The indoor/outdoor idea also lets those dogs that don't like water or hoses avoid them by going into the other area.
Large and small dogs are kept in different sections and the larger dog area has partial brick walls (3 feet high) between runs to reduce the number of arguments that might otherwise take place.
Many of the runs can convert into double runs so if you have more than one dog they can share a larger run if you wish. As both the indoor and outdoor runs have dividers it means the dogs can play together during the day but they can be separated at feeding or bed time if needed. We understand that some dogs are the best of friends except when it comes to meal time.

During quieter periods we are happy to open your dog's run up into a double enclosure at no extra charge.
All dogs have a raised trampoline style bed appropriate for their size and receive clean, soft, bedding as well, (or you can supply your own if you prefer).
All water and food bowls are hygienic stainless steel and washed and dried after every use.
Enclosures are disinfected everyday and all waste is cleaned up continuously.
When an enclosure is vacated it is not used again until it has been disinfected and had the bedding changed. Your dog will only ever go into a clean and sanitised enclosure.
We are very conscious of keeping your loved-one and their bedding both clean and DRY. Floors are mopped where possible. If we do need to hose or pressure clean then we will usually remove the bedding and move your dog to a different dry enclosure first.
Cage cards are kept when required and used to monitor your loved ones progress. We monitor their toilet habits, food and water intake and their general attitude. We do this to make sure any issues that may occur are detected as early as possible. Very important!

Courtyard Suites
The Courtyard Suites are separate from the main kennel area and adjacent to the grooming-room and kitchen.

There are only 8 runs in the Courtyard, the runs are fully covered and larger and the whole area is quiet and secluded. Each enclosure has a fully walled section at the rear so dogs can have privacy if they want.

As the name suggests, this area has it's own private paved courtyard and it's own secluded grass play-time area.

It is an ideal area for the timid, old, convalescing or just plain spoilt dog.

Note that some older or convalescing dogs will only be accepted for boarding on the condition that they are kept in the Courtyard Suites.

All dogs receive exercise every day, Playtime is additional to exercise. Playtime is one-on-one play with a human companion. Situated near to the office/reception. Dogs are free to run and play or just watch the world go by and receive lots of pats, whatever they choose.

Playtime lasts for 30 minutes, there are balls, toys, a sandpit, a small wading pool during summer, a climbing gym, and suspended rope toys.

Whatever the case, we make sure they have fun!

Feeding & Medication
Food is one of the main issues when boarding. At TreeTops a lot of thought and effort goes into what your pet is fed and especially whether they are eating properly. Their eating habits are also a good indication of their state of mind during their stay. That is why we only offer premium dry foods, fresh lean meats including human grade where appropriate and better tinned foods.

If you would like something different just let us know and we'll try to meet your needs. Or you can supply your own food if you prefer.
We feed as often as you wish ( at no extra cost) and may even make suggestions when you check-in about your pet's needs.
We even print individual name labels to make sure the right meal goes to the right guest.

DOGS: Standard meals are Eukanuba or Propan dry food topped with home-cooked pasta or rice, vegetables, and chicken, lamb or turkey (beef by request only) . Nature's Gift tinned food or Ecopet cooked pet loaf . The choices are many and varied and entirely up to you. Most dogs love our standard fare but if you require something different just let us know.
CATS: Standard meals are IAMS, Proplan or Royal Canine dry food which is available all day and an evening meal of Human grade Tuna in Spring water, Whiskas, Fancy Feast or fresh Kangaroo.
Medication is not a problem and is complimentary. Diabetic pets are more than welcome but do incur an additional charge.
At TreeTops we make every effort to make sure your pet is eating properly. If we don't have success after we have tried things like roast chicken, cooked mince, warm sardines and the like then we will contact you to get your opinion.

Cat Boarding
We have the same philosophy with cat boarding, we offer premium care at a reasonable price and do whatever it takes to make the experience as pleasurable as possible.

We only cater for a small number of cats having 8 enclosures. Each enclosure is 6 feet high by 3 feet wide and has either 2 or 3 levels with a connecting ramp so that the litter tray is away from where the cats sit and sleep. Cats from the same family are welcome to share an enclosure or be separate as required.

Each cat has its own comfy bed and cushions and all bedding is provided but you are welcome to bring your own if you feel it necessary.

Indoors there are lounge chairs, toys and scratch posts and outdoors there is a fully secured play area where your best friend can wander around at their leisure.

During the day each guest is let out of their enclosure, on an individual basis, for a minimum of half an hour and usually twice a day. They then have access to both the inside and outside play area. They have the choice of lounging around inside on one of the lounge chairs or playing with the toys and scratch posts or they can venture outside into the sunshine and fresh air and do as they please; climbing, sitting, playing; whatever they feel like doing.

Other Services
As well as caring for your loved one whilst you're away, we also offer the following additional services.
Pick up and delivery service in an air-conditioned van.
Grooming as required.
Nails trimmed.
Medications administered.
Veterinary procedures whilst boarding ( for example; de-sexing)
Flea and worm treatments.
Dog washing facilities for non-boarding pets. (Pick up and delivery if required)

Current C5 vaccination, (within last 12 months).Preferably given at least two weeks before boarding.

Dogs should also be wormed prior to boarding.

Your dog needs to be able to be handled by people. Whilst dog aggression can be tolerated, dogs that are overly aggressive towards people will not be accepted.

All dogs receive a compulsory shampoo, bath and blow-dry PRIOR TO DEPARTURE - a $10 charge applies.

Current F3 vaccination, (within last 12 months) preferably given at least two weeks before boarding.

Cats should also be wormed prior to boarding.

All standard cards are accepted (not Amex or Diners, cheques by prior arrangement) and
payment must be made before you pet departs. Longer term stays may require part payment at check-in.

Prices as of July 1st 2010

Note our prices INCLUDE Super premium food, bedding and exercise.

All boarding is on a calendar day basis irrespective of check-in or check-out times.

For example in on 22nd, out on 24th, the charge is 3 days. As a courtesy to you, if your
pet is picked up by 10.00am, we don't charge for that last day.

The minimum charge is two days.

Small $21 per day Pugs, Chihuahua, Malt, Yorkie, Toy Pood, Shih Tzu, Bichon, Aust Terr, Silky Terr, Mini Pin, Pom, Mini Schn, Mini Dachy, Mini Fox, Lhasa,Jack Russels
Medium $23 per day Kelpie, Border, Cattle, Collie, Spaniels, Mini Pood, Setters, Keeshond, Samoyed, Bulldog, Shar Pei, Staffy, Westy, Bull Terr, Corgie, Foxy, Whippet, Scotty, Afghan, Cockers, Beagles
Large $25 per day Rotty, Shepherd, Golden Ret, Labs, Airedale, Bullmastiff, Rhodesian, Old Eng, Akita, Std Pood, Dalmatian, Greyhound, Doberman, Belg Shep, Boxer, Weimarana, Maremma, GSP, Harrier
Extra Large $27 per day St. Bernard, Great Dane, Newfoundland, Pyrenean, Eng Mast, Neo Mast

Peak rates: add $2 per day (school holidays and period December 20th - January 25th inclusive)
Courtyard Suites: $28 per day
Multiple Dogs: deduct $2 per day from usual rate for subsequent dogs.
Playtime: $4.00 per session
Daily treats: chicken necks, Schmakos etc add $1 per day. No charge if supplied by you.
Medication: Pills, creams, drops etc are complimentary.
Insulin dependent diabetics an additional $5 per day to cover both injections and intensive monitoring.
Compulsory bath, shampoo and blow-dry: $10
Cats: $17 per day
Transport: Local area (Sunbury) - free, other areas POA
Discounts: Police, Fire, Ambulance, Defence Force, Retirees , VCA members - 10%
Extended Stays ( over 4 weeks) - 10% off total fee, free playtime, free fortnightly bath
Long Term Boarding (over 12 weeks) - P.O.A.
Families of more than 3 pets - 10% off total fee

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