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Two Fat Cats is an online store specialising in quality products for your pet cat.


The cat is currently the most popular pet in the world and has been associated with humans for at least 9,500 years, however, no matter how much time evolves and no matter how much the bonds between cat and owner strengthen, cats can still become bored very easily.

How many times have you caught your dear kitty scratching his claws down your good couch? How often do you look at your kitty sleeping on your bed and wonder why it's always the middle of the bed he sleeps on?

Two Fat Cats is all about finding good quality cat items that will entertain, encourage and assist your pet cat to release his natural instincts on specifically made cat items rather than your favourite pieces of furniture.

Many of the products you see on have been tested extensively by my Two Fat Cats. The toys we stock can withstand the pawing, clawing and pouncing that a playful kitten can unleash or the more rigorous play an older cat can dish out. My Two Fat Cats are the quality testers - if they don't like it or won't play with it, it doesn't make it online.

As well as cat toys, you will find a range of quality bedding (because lets face it unless its a comfy snug bed your kitty would rather be on yours), a range of dinner bowls that will compliment any home decor (because who wants to eat off a boring plain bowl) and cat collars that show your cat how much he means to you.

So grab your kitty, pull him up onto your knee and have a look through our products. I'm sure you will find something for you and your cat.

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