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Not enough time in the day to take care of all of your animal’s needs? We can do it all for you - Behavioural Training, Minding, Day Care, Grooming, Medical Care, Exercising, Transport and Natural Food Range.


Every animal has different needs that are often hard to adhere to within your own busy life. Urban Herd specialises in tailoring a solution to meeting all the needs of your urban animal! Anna’s love of all creatures means she provides detailed care through her range of services, to ensure your pets’ optimal health and wellbeing is gained and maintained.

We work with:
  • Domestic pets – dog, cat, bird, fish, rabbit, guinea pig
  • Horses
  • Native Australian Animals
  • Reptiles
Think of us as your pet's personal assistant. We are degree qualified animal professionals which means peace of mind for you.

Our services include:
  • Behavioural Training
  • Grooming
  • Minding
  • Medical Care
  • Exercise Programs
  • Natural Food Range
  • Animal Transport

Meet Anna!

Anna Felton is a lifelong animal lover with a Zoology degree from the University of New England, majoring in behaviour and ecology.

She has worked as a Zookeeper and Wildlife Carer with primates, ungulates and native and domestic animals in Australia, Indonesia and in twelve countries across Africa.

This has allowed her to hone her animal management, behavioural and care skills to an exceptionally high level.

  • Bachelor of Zoology
  • Certificate II Animal Care and Handling
  • Certificate III Captive Animals
  • Animal First Aid Certificate
  • WIRES Rescue and Immediate Care Accreditation for Native Animals
  • Qualified Zookeeper
  • Assistant Manager of Centennial Parklands Equestrian Centre
  • Husbandry and Care of Horses in Quarantine
The story behind Urban Herd

Long before she started working with all creatures, great and small, Anna was a dog owner, spending 10 years looking after Austin the English Cocker Spaniel.

Like many dogs, Austin suffered from a range of illnesses including liver disease, cancer, pancreatitis, skin allergies, permanent ear and feet infections, as well as behavioural issues like severe separation anxiety.

Special diets, daily wound dressing, management of parasites, medication application and ongoing training has given Anna a great appreciation for the demanding needs that our furry friends can place on our lives.

Behavioural Training

The Urban Herd has a range of training specialists that can work with your pet to combat any behavioural issue. From digging, howling, biting, kicking, aggression or separation anxiety, we will tailor a positive re-enforcement program to help your pet overcome any problem.

Starting from basic dog obedience and puppy skills, to more complex species problems, we offer a wholistic approach to ensure we really get to the root of your pet's issue. We will come to your home and complete a full behavioural assessment of your pet in his or her own environment, looking at specific species needs as well as individual behaviour profiles. Anna will facilitate an individualised plan for your pet and can be available throughout the whole process should your animal's needs change.

We understand that every animal is different and we don’t believe a one method fits all. Instead, draw on many years of both domestic and wild behavioural work to best fit the program to your pet. We have even resolved problems such as; over preening, screeching, self-mutilation, inability to shed skin to name but a few…

No behavioural issue is too complex, we love a challenge!


Urban Herd has a range of minding services that ensure your animals’ wellbeing and environmental requirements are taken into consideration. Not all animals like to go to a place where there is a bunch of miscellaneous personalities where they have to immediately fit in, nor sit in a cage, kennel or run all day long; be it day care or longer stays.

Instead we offer the complete comfort of our home stays and visits. Your pet, dog, cat, bird, lizard or any other is a guest in our home. They are allowed to do anything they please just as if it was their own home, while being looked after by a qualified animal specialist. They will receive personal attention and tailored exercise whilst being loved as if they were our own pets! Don’t forget we offer drop off and pick up services as well.

Urban Herd is conveniently located in the Eastern Suburbs Sydney where your pet will stay in a luxurious apartment. Alternatively if they prefer a backyard, paddock or beach to run around, we have properties for longer and flexible stays. Just let us know your pet’s needs and we will select the best option for them.

We realise that a horse is not going to fit into an apartment, that’s why we offer minding that comes to you. Select from daily visits that incorporate your animal's needs including:
  • exercise programs
  • arena work
  • feeding
  • cleaning
  • grooming
  • or just a walk in the park and some loving attention
What ever your animal's needs, we will tailor the right service to you, your animal and your budget.


Our in-house groomer will bath, snip, clip or brush your pet into perfect condition…

Dogs, cats, horses and birds are our forte. From a quick tidy up to a complete overhaul, just ask for the best option to suit your needs. Pick up and drop off service are also available.

Medical Care

We know that animals are just as prone to accidents and illness as we are. Sometimes fitting in a visit to the vet is not as easy as it sounds, especially when our pets need ongoing treatment and follow up. Our transport services and in-home vet follow up services are Urban Herd's solution to this problem.

When your animal requires complex post vet or surgery care, Anna can come to you and simplify the process. From wound dressing and medicating to injections or sample collections, Anna will ensure that all vet requirements are met in a timely and cost efficient manner. She will even attend the vet appointment on your behalf or simply visit your sick animal when you can't be there during the day.

Services include:
  • Wound dressing
  • Administering medication and injections
  • Specialised medical bathing
  • Welfare monitoring
  • Sample collection

Exercise Programs

Every animal needs exercise and an outlet from their daily routine; from hourly dog walks, to group exercise at the park to arena work, or just a free flight around the house…Urban Herd can ensure your animal's physical needs are met.

Our trained handlers, will walk or run your dog, throw a stick in park or simply provide exercise options at your home for your pet. From 30mins, to 1 hour or a full day of personal training, we keep all animals in top shape or help them loose weight if desired through physical and mental stimulation.

Animal Transport

Local – don’t have a car or trailer? Are you in an emergency? Urban Herd can help!

Interstate and International – Planning on travelling overseas or moving interstate?

From pet packs to crates to floats for moving, Urban Herd can organise the housing, logistics, legal requirements and health advice for moving any animal.

Our inhouse Customs Broker and Freight Forwarders have direct access to superior transport options to make any move stress free for you and your animal. We will pick up from your door and ensure every movement along the way is seamlessly organised.

Nervous animals? Urban Herd will train your pet in preparation for any type of travel to ensure they are comfortable in their travel pack and their health and relaxation are maintained throughout their whole journey.

Natural Food Range

Real Food for Real Dogs incorporates all the necessary vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants that occur naturally in wholefoods into a handcrafted natural product.

Urban Herd's food range contains none of the unnecessary fillers usually found in commercial animal food and luxury pet products. This means that our food products are balanced, preservative and hormone free, made from nutritionally ideal fresh & natural food.

For each stage of your pet's life, we have designed a specific range to ensure a healthy body and enjoyment in every meal.

Call Anna to discuss how Urban Herd can help you and your pet today!

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