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Craig Rheynolds
New South Wales 2000
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The Original Dog Walker & Dog Ute Cages. add us to your shortlist for a rainy day !

20 Minutes on a Val Ward dog walker is equivalent to 1 hour street walk

Welcome to Val Ward Enterprises
Val Ward Enterprises has been making dog walkers since the 1960ís. Starting in Liverpool, NSW, the company is now situated in the Southern Highlands.

Our machines have an enviable reputation for quality and longevity, with many of our clients from the 1960s still using their original machines today. Having a Val Ward dog treadmill machine provides a facility that increases your dogs health and fitness and can give you an edge over your competition as a dog breeder and even to win that greyhound race or have your show dog win best at show.

Having Val Ward Treadmills gives you more time and can also be a great benefit when bad weather can prevent training outside.

We have built custom machines for Universities to fit sheep which also needed an adjusting incline. Have sold walking machines also to the Military Police Dog Platoon to keep their dogs extremely fit.

Val Ward Grooming Stand for Miniature horse's .Keep you're Miniature horses in the right position With a metal loop to tie horse too & protect yourself from you're Miniature horse when washing horse, Grooming horse for show & clipping hooves .

Val Ward Enterprises sell 1,2,3 & 4 dog and Miniature Horse Treadmill and transport to anywhere in Australia .

We Are Now Building Dog Ute cages also Known as Dog boxes , View our gallery !

Our Treadmills
  • Distinctive Val Ward design
  • 1 horse power motor 240v
  • 7 variable speeds up to 6km per hr.
  • PVC high quality belt for durability
  • Belt has profiles to aid in tracking
  • Strong steel frame
  • Adjustments to keep belt tight
  • Collar attachments at front of machine
  • Doors on front of machine

We supply all parts to our treadmills
  • Electric motors
  • Val Ward design Variable speed pulley
  • Pulleys & Sprockets
  • Slats with Rivets
  • Bearings
  • V-Belts
  • Chain
  • Rollers & axles
  • Custom Parts for home built machines

About Us
Val Ward Enterprises has been making dog walkers since the 1960ís.

Starting in Liverpool, NSW, the company is now situated in the NSW Southern Highlands where Chris Rheynolds took over 12years ago and now his son Craig Rheynolds now runs the business and currently undertakes business all over Australia & New Zealand.

Maintenance of existing machines

We are experts in the maintenance of all Val Ward dog walkers and other brands of machines. We are constantly modernising the machines with new belts, changing the old style slat-belt with a new preferred rubberised belt which is quieter, runs faster and requires no maintenance.

We at Val Ward Enterprises take pride in building and servicing of your machine's since the 1960's

The machines are fitted with a heavy duty motor with high-starting torque and has Seven-speed variable controls, allowing a pacing speed of up to 5 km/h.

A Val Ward dog walking machine is guaranteed to last and with simple maintenance will give you years of service.

Call us on today to find out more or reach us through the 'Make an Enquiry' form.

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