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About Us
My love of the breed began as a youngster when my Uncle bred Pekingese dogs and continued on when my neighbour had them and many others as they were very popular and in a lot of households ,I loved staying at my Aunts who had a very good friend Coleen Glover who also bred the dogs.

Growing up my twin brother(Paul) and myself hounded our parents and Uncle for a dog as my parents could not afford to pay the prices off my Uncle as we came from a large family with limited funds we had to be happy playing with his and others dogs.

Than by luck an elderly lady with a pair of Pekingese was going into a home and had her dogs for sale at very reasonable price ,we again kept on our parents back and doing extra chores when our parents purchased the male dog as he was left for sale ,a wonderful Parti boy "Kapai Court Jester " .. bred by Norma King .Overjoyed at having him was an understament we were all of 13 years old ..Jester as he was called lived his life out with me and my wife to the ripe old age of 14 dying of testicular cancer the saddest day in my life .He won as a baby puppy in group but never liked the ring and never returned .The next dog we got was Toniki Ku Anna from Betty Pepper "Toniki Pekingese" Through Selina Williams our good friend before she shifted to Queensland with her dogs.Anna was the foundation of the kennel a stunning Red bitch ,who I remember to this day my first show with her and Denise King from "Chindara Pekingese " groomed her for me and stood at the side of the ring and clapped me on .We were very young and worked on chook farms and delivered papers to pay for shows and items for the dogs with our mother taking us to shows near and far.When we decided to mate Anna we had formed a great relationship with Nuree Mackay "Liam Pekingese" who taught me all I know, she attended mine and Melissa wedding and came for tea quite often and always went to hers for cups of coffee and chats around the dinning room table .I can still remember at shows Betty Hoscher " Fashmere Pekingese " with her tap on the hand with the back of her brush if groomed wrong we love you Betty .

When my prefix was chosen for her first litter it was decided that it would be in my name as I wanted Tzuhsi and Paul was going to purchase his later ,I still remember even after watching deliveries with Nuree and all being explained how nervous I was but Anna was great and free whelped 5 wonderful puppies ,over the time we had quite a few pups and lots of fun in the ring my brother never got a prefix and as when we both married the dogs came with me and my wife while Paul took a stunning bitch pup from Anna and Liam Wohsing Count Karl who was from Bruce Marquette's" Joewil" boy.Sadly Paul's wife never had the interest in the breed like he did and he had a few litters from the girl only comming back to the breed 3 years ago.

I still remember the stunning Black and tan bitch of Bruce's that lived at Nuree's .We had lots of fun at the shows and built up great friendships which some we still have today with Robyn Hartmire "Kaifeng Pekingese ",Edna Turner "Winwith Pekingese",Coral Rowe " Yetsee Pekingese",Julie Payne "Hushan Pekingese" Marge Mason "Paochuan Pekingese. To name a few when we started our family and over time the kids did not like the shows and had sporting events of their own so we did irregular showing and breeding loosing our last Tzuhsi dog 5 years ago .

After having a life changing event in my life it is the dogs that have seen me through when we decided to go back into the breed again like before with shows and the betterment of the breed here in Australia my wife wanted to be recognized for all her hard work and my Daughter Madaleine choose the name of our Kennel Waaini which means I Love You in chinese .which is how we feel about the breed . We have started many off in the breed.We work very closely with our good friend Lyn Crow of "Fooyai Pekingese".

We are always happy to help any worldwide with the breed and only want the best for them as they truly are a royal breed,who once you have owned one you always will .

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