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Wattle Reptile & Bird Hobbyist

ARooty Hill
New South Wales 2766
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We are private breeders of Lizards - mostly Dragons, and Geckos along with Australian Softbills and Finches

About Us
We are private reptile and bird keepers and hold the appropriate Licenses to keep protected species.

We only sell animals, we do not sell products, enclosures etc
Please ensure that you have the correct Licensing and Animal Keeping Registration prior to contacting us.
For security purposes we do not display our License number in order to prevent fraud. However it is available upon request.

NOTE: We are a private residence - not a business and are not associated with any pet dealers. We do not have trading hours, please contact us via email or SMS phone numbers included in our listings to make suitable arrangements for viewing and collecting the animals you're wishing to purchase. We WILL NOT sell Licensed/protected species to any unlicensed buyers, or to purchasers who we do not believe have the appropriate set-ups required to keep the animals.

Our Services:

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We have been breeding and keeping birds of all types for over 45 years and added the reptiles to our collection a little over a decade ago.
We are fully licensed and hold Advanced Keepers Licenses for both birds and reptiles.

NOTE: Images in the Pet Gallery are web-based images just utilised to show the species that become available each season and are not the actual individual animals being sold.

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