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About Abyssinians


The Abyssinian is one of the oldest breeds of domesticated cats, but its real ancestry is lost in time. Romantic tales call it the cat from
the Blue Nile saying it is a direct descendant of the sacred cat of Ancient Egypt because it resembles the cats depicted in Egyptian
murals and artifacts. Others believe British soldiers from Abyssinia (now Ethopia) brought a cat named Zula home with them to
England at the end of the Abyssinian war in 1868. So far no documentation links Zula to the cats of today and recent genetic studies
identify the cats in the coastal area of the Bay of Bengal in India as the Abyssinian's potential forebears.


The Abyssinian is a cat of foreign type of medium build, firm, lithe and muscular; never coarse. It is an alert, active cat and when
standing it gives an impression of being on tip-toes. The coat is rich, lustrous and distinctly ticked and comes in Tawny, Blue, Fawn,
Cinnamon and Silver.


Abyssinians are very active and highly intelligent - they love to be involved in everything you do, they are extremely good jumpers
and like to find high places no place ever goes unexplored. They are not a lap cat as such but become devoted to their owners and
love interactive games - many will enjoy a game of fetch with their favourite toys.
They make good family pets and generally get on well with other pets, supervision is needed with very small children as the Aby
can be wriggly when held, however their high energy levels and capacity for play will appeal to older children.


Abyssinians are generally a healthy breed, and depending on their life style will live well into their teens. As with all cats they should
be kept indoors in order for them to avoid many of the contagious and fatal diseases easily transmitted from the stray population.
Vaccinations should always be kept up to date and routine checks should be made regularly. The first sign of any illness should be
attended to promptly by a veterinarian

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