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   Our dogs enjoy a life of lure coursing, herding, obedience, agility and conformation showing, and of course playing with the kids at home.

Welcome to Kerry McNamara - Dog Breeder

We live in a rural setting where our dogs have heaps of space and fresh air to enjoy. They are all a part of our family and participate in as many aspects of the dogworld that we can possibly do!

Our dogs enjoy a life of lure coursing, herding, obedience, agility and conformation showing, and of course playing with the kids at home.

Our solid black shepherds have made themselves known all over Australia and overseas as large solid dogs with outgoing, excellent temperaments. Many have excelled in security work, tracking and lure coursing field champions.

Even though the solid black is our passion we also breed black and gold and black sable shepherds. All our breeding stock is health tested as per ankc rules. We use dogs that fit our temperament requirements and have the lowest hip and elbow scores available. We don't breed for the latest fashion but for an overall package - that is a healthy mind and body, a sociable, intelligent dog that is eager to please and learn as much as the handler is willing to teach. Having our children to help raise our puppies ensures they are outgoing, happy puppies that their new family can enjoy!

Please keep checking our website as we continue to update our info and let you all know what our dogs have been up to.

Breeding done in conjunction with "Chamshep". Owner/exhibitor/breeder of solid blacks since 1988.

We have generations of solid blacks & black sables. When choosing your next puppy check with us. We can provide generations of health scores and personally know numerous other dogs within the pedigrees of our breeding stock.

About Me

All my younger life has been spent with German Shepherds, with our first german shepherd finding us after a tragic car accident involving his owner. Then many more past through our lives....

Then one day I saw this stunning dog on "Burkes Backyard" on T.V. It was a Belgian Shepherd Groenendael which became my first show dog. Then later on came a Tervueren....

After attending many dog shows I finally met Kerry who owned the other two variety of the Belgian Shepherds Laekenios & Malinois as well as solid black, black and gold and black sable GSD's. I have also come back to the German shepherd now owning solid blacks, sables and black & golds.

I consider myself very lucky to own all four varieties of the Belgian Shepherd, which are still part of my life. We are looking forward to seeing our "Groenendael" kids (Opal/Fax puppies) continue to succeed in the show ring and trying their paws in a few different directions of the doggy world.

Our dogs are a huge part of our lives and our families. We spend a lot of time TRAINING, TRIALLING, SOCIALISING and having heaps of fun with our dogs. They compete in CONFORMATION SHOWING, OBEDIENCE, LURE COURSING and any other fun activity we can do with them.

Although we do participate in showing and other activities and have achieved more than most can dream of achieving, we always put the welfare of our dogs first. Winning in the show ring or being "first" or "No.1" is a very clear second when it comes to the happiness and welfare of our furkids. We don't enjoy the politics and rumours that come with competing in the show ring, so therefore are not interested in breed clubs etc. (Been there, done that and it doesn't hold much weight with us). We established the BSDCQ with alot of blood, sweat and tears & to turn our backs and walk away because of politics was a hard decision, but certainly not one we regret. Life is too short for that sort of rubbish and does the breed no good. If you are researching dogs or looking for a puppy as your new companion, don't believe all you are told, speak to breeders directly - don't take what other breeder says as gospel. We enjoy our days out with the kids and no matter what we think we take home the best dogs, win, lose or otherwise! As long as our dogs are happy, we are happy.

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