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Quality animal hair care products as used by top breeders and exhibitors.

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Testimonials - Dog

I started using Groomers Shampoo on my dog Murray about 12 months ago. With a history of irriated and itchy skin due to grass and pollen allergies I have tried almost everything to keep him comfortable. With regular Groomers shampoo baths, his skin is the best it has ever been!! His coat is soft and smells fantastic.

I reccommend Groomers Shampoo to anyone with a dog with skin problems (or without!!)

Dr Jane Miller BVSc (hons), BSc.
Newtown Veterinary Clinic, Geelong

I am writing to thank you for your wonderful shampoos. I must say that when I first saw the shampoos I was sceptical that they could actually do what they promised as I already had a cupboard full of shampoos that failed to live up to their promises -but after seeing the coat on your own dogs and listening to your testimonials I thought why not give it a try, after all I had nothing to lose other than a little more cupboard space!

I purchased the Royal Jelly for an out of coat bitch and the 3% Evening Primrose for another with seasonal allergies and I must say the results have been nothing short of amazing. Both dogs showed immediate improvement with the first shampoo - and by the second shampoo the out of coat bitch had the smoothest coat and shone without using any coat spray while the bitch with allergies had stopped scratching completely, the sores on the side of cheeks which even cortisone cream didn't help had healed completely.

But the real proof was when my white bitch came into season. Usually she loses coat so severely that all her skin pigment shows through and what coat is left becomes yellow. I started her on the Royal Jelly the day she came in season and washed her weekly and I am still amazed at the results. She lost a minimal amount of coat and could go back in the ring as soon as her season was finished. Now some ten weeks later and after a false pregnancy she is still full coated and the quality of her coat is better than ever.

Once again, thank you for these wonderful products. I no longer worry about allergies or seasonal/hormonal coat loss and the added benefit is that there is so much more room in my dog cupboard now that it only holds 2 bottles of shampoo
Linda Dempsey

Janayin Bulldogs

Testimonials - Equine

After purchasing my now 18 month old warmblood, Clarke I noticed that he would stand and scratch both his mane and tail areas on anything he could come in contact with. His overall coat was starry and he also appeared to have a “pot” belly. Maybe a bit wormy I thought. He actually had a few sores appear on his neck and back line. On his head he had pieces of hair missing to the point that his face was raw in some places from the constant scratching.

I had been shampooing him with a shampoo bought from a local saddlery but his coat didn’t show much change at all, it didn’t seem to help at all with the itching either. First thing I did was to worm him. He was on a good feeding program so I knew that was in order. The following days showed my suspicions were correct. Many worms!

I purchased Equaderm shampoo from Groomers and from their recommendations placed the shampoo neat on the sores, I washed his body with the rest and then rinsed off about 2-3 minutes later. Almost straight away Clarke appeared to be happier he seemed to be more comfortable and not going straight to the tree to scratch! Within 5 to 7 days and having just used the shampoo 2-3 times all signs of itchiness and summer sores had disappeared.

I re-wormed two weeks later to be sure, and combined with the use of the Equaderm shampoo it has really made a difference. No starry coat or itchiness and a beautiful soft coat is now seen! I thoroughly recommend the Equaderm shampoo and certainly would not use anything else now that I have found it!

Daphne McNeill
Editor, Equine Excellence Magazine

I bought my chestnut mare aged 6 years approx 2 years ago. Since I have had her she has always appeared to be very itchy, most noticeably when taking her rugs off. There are times when she can almost turn herself inside out trying to get to the itchy spots with her teeth.

She also appeared to be cold backed at times and could become quite agitated. This showed in her behaviour as she would try to bite herself and not want to go forward off my leg whilst riding. Some days could be worse than others and she was better with no rugs on at all on the warmer days, but worse after her rugs came off on the cooler days. It began me to think that perhaps she maybe allergic to something.

After washing her she was a lot better only to start the whole cycle of itching again after a couple of days. She did have a healthy coat so I thought it had to be coming from the inside. I decided to have blood tests taken and the result was that she is allergic to DUST MITE. Oh No! I thought how does one control dust mite they are found everywhere!

A friend of mine suggested I try a shampoo called EQUADERM a product from Groomers. It has helped to control the problem and also has given my horse an absolute beautiful finish to her coat.
It is great for conditioning the coat and also helps to repel the dust mite and other insects. The important ingredient found in EQUADERM is Primrose oil and this has helped to soothe the itching in turn has made her a lot more comfortable.

I try to wash her once a week with EQUADERM most importantly she is happier now herself, apart from that a lot of people have commented on how great her coat looks.

A bit of research on DUST MITE found that there are several things that Dust mite do not like. Eucalyptus, citronella and ti-tree oil. Her cotton rugs are washed with Eucalyptus and in between washing her with Equaderm she is sprayed with citronella. All this combined, I now ride a happy horse, who is more comfortable without the irritation to her skin, leaving her able to concentrate on her work. And to top it off she looks great!

Even if your horse doesn’t have a skin problem I would still recommend EQUADERM as it is so gentle, it repels dirt and insects and leaves a beautiful finish.
Many thanks to Groomers for a great product and their help.

Marilyn Smithet and Gossip
Cranbourne, Victoria


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