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Abyssinian Cat Breeders

If you are after a beautiful, exotic looking cat that will demand to become a part of the family, the Abyssinian could be the perfect breed for you. Hereís what you need to know.

Characteristics of an Abyssinian

The Abyssinian is a slender yet muscular medium sized cat. The head is slightly wedged shaped and they have large ears with a tuft at the tips and beautiful almond-shaped eyes that are amber, green or hazel with a dark outline. The coat is short and silky and has a distinct ticked pattern to it, and the tail is long and tapering. The ticked pattern is made up of three to four dark bands of colour that are laid evenly over a lighter colour and ending in the ticking colour. The colours that you can find include tawny, cinnamon, blue, fawn and silver while other recognised colours include chocolate, lilac, red, cream, and tortoiseshell.

The Abyssinian Temperament

The Abyssinian can be described as an active, intelligent and extroverted cat. They absolutely adore people and will do what they can be to be included in everyday life. The Abyssinian is very loyal, inquisitive and playful, and it is not unheard of to see them enjoying a game of fetch. They have a quiet voice and are not that talkative.

Caring for an Abyssinian

An Abyssinian will live for around 12 years on average. They are a low maintenance breed that requires only the occasional brushing of the coat to remove loose hairs and minimise hairballs. As they can be prone to gingivitis, you should give them a good diet and something they can chew (such as raw chicken necks). Other than that, you should ensure that your Abyssinian has plenty of scratching posts and toys so that they donít get bored.

Who is the Abyssinian Suited To?

The Abyssinian is best suited to people that are looking for a lively, attention seeking cat. They are perfect for families that can give the cat lots of love and attention and they are also well suited to active, older people as they provide great companionship. The Abyssinian is very good with children.


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