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Afghan Hound Breeders

If you are after a noble, aristocratic breed of dog as your new family pet, there is no breed quite as regal as the Afghan Hound.  Here is what you need to know.

Characteristics of the Afghan Hound

The Afghan Hound is a breed of dog that is truly aristocratic to look at.  They are known for being a tall, yet slender breed of dog with a long and narrow, yet refined head.  They stand up to 74 cm high and weight up to 34 kilograms.  The ears droop and lie flat against the head, the nose is black in colour and the eyes are dark and almond shaped.  However, the most striking characteristic of the Afghan Hound is definitely their coat. They have a long, silky coat that is beautiful to see. The coat is most commonly sand in colour but it can be found in all colours, such as black.  However, white markings should not occur.

The Afghan Hound Temperament

The Afghan Hound is known as being a noble, courageous and dignified dog that is very loyal, affection and sweet natured.  They are not a very dominant dog but they will still benefit from gentle training using positive reinforcement methods.  While the Afghan Hound is initially suspicious of people that it does not know, it is never hostile towards them. They are great with children but it prefers to be around older children.  The Afghan Hound needs plenty of mental and physical exercise for its physical and mental wellbeing.

Caring for the Afghan Hound

If you are after a low maintenance dog, the Afghan Hound is not for you.  This is because the long coat characteristic to the breed requires a lot of grooming.  You will need to bath the dog regularly and comb the coat out thoroughly while it is wet.  You will also need to thoroughly brush the coat daily (which can take some time!) in order to prevent matting from occurring.  As well as brushing and combing the dog, you’ll also need to regularly clean the ears and trim the nails.  The Afghan Hound will live for around 14 years on average but it will often live longer if it is fed on a good diet and given plenty of TLC.

Who is the Afghan Hound Suited To?

The Afghan Hound is a dog that is best suited to indoors/outdoors life and thus it should not be kept in an apartment.  The dog is happiest when they can spend time outdoors during the day and sleep indoors at night.  Potential owners need to be willing to exercise the dog daily and to give the dog gentle yet firm training.  Due to the grooming intensive nature of this breed, you must be prepared to groom it daily or to pay for professional grooming.

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