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Aquarium Cleaning & Maintenance

An aquarium filled with fish is a beautiful and calming addition to any home, or commercial area such as an office, hotel, bar, or medical centre.  However, to keep the fish healthy and the aquarium looking its best, they do need to be regularly cleaned and maintained.  You could choose  to do this yourself but there are services out there that will do all of the dirty work for you so all you have to do is enjoy your aquarium.

What is Aquarium Cleaning and Maintenance?

Aquariums are beautiful and a great addition to any home or commercial premises but they are difficult to keep in pristine condition and require a lot of work.  This is because fish can be surprisingly dirty, and they are also quite fragile, so they react badly to a dirty tank.  Aquarium cleaning and maintenance services are done by experienced people that know how to keep a tank clean and balanced so that the fish are healthy and happy.

Options in Aquarium Cleaning and Maintenance

If you are opting to use a cleaning and maintenance service for your aquarium/s, you may be surprised to know how many services are offered. They include:

  •     Visits to your premises at a scheduled time
  •     Testing the water for pH levels, ammonia, nitrates, and nitrites and treating the water as necessary
  •      Partial or full water changes
  •     Thorough filter cleaning
  •     Checking of the tank temperatures
  •     Cleaning of the glass
  •      Cleaning of gravel, plants, and ornaments
  •     Checking the health of the fish
  •     Supply of fish foods
  •      Rearranging of the tank decor to suit you

As well as caring for your aquarium, cleaning and maintenance services can also come and set up your new aquarium completely, including everything that you need such as plants, fish, gravel, ornaments, lights, filters, water treatments and more.  These services can also supply you with fish and replace them as necessary.

Choosing Aquarium Cleaning and Maintenance Services

If you need cleaning or maintenance services for your aquarium/s then there are some things that you need to consider when choosing the company.  Firstly, you should find out how they charge – is it per service depending on the size of the tank or is it per hour?  Will there be an extra charge for using test kits, supplying food and the like?  You should get a quote that is all inclusive of everything you need and that is competitive.

You should be comfortable with the person that is cleaning and maintaining your aquarium and they should be willing to talk through the entire process with you, so that you better learn how to care for your fish and ensure that they have a stable living environment.  Some services will provide you with a 24/7 emergency service so that repairs and maintenance can be done as it is needed.  These emergency services are usually utilised more by commercial aquarium owners however.

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