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Australian Cattle Dog Breeders

If you are looking for an incredibly active, yet incredibly loyal dog, you cannot go past one of the most recognisable Australian breeds of dog Ė the Australian Cattle Dog. Hereís what you need to know.

Characteristics of the Australian Cattle Dog

The Australian Cattle Dog is a strong, solid, and compact dog with a strong head, broad face, and pert, upward facing ears. The legs are muscular and short, and the tail is medium length and thick. The dog uses their tail for balance and turning when they move quickly. They have a very distinct coat pattern coming in either blue or red with solid patches and the distinctive mottling that they are known for.

The Australian Cattle Dog Temperament

The Australian Cattle Dog is very loyal, courageous, and devoted, and they are naturally a working dog. They are an excellent guard dog and are suspicious of strangers, which is why new people should always be introduced to them carefully, so that they donít bite. The Australian Cattle Dog is not a naturally aggressive dog but if they are provoked in any way, they will put up a fight. They do well with other pets but they do need to be introduced slowly, so that they realise that the other pet is not a threat.

Caring for an Australian Cattle Dog

Grooming wise, the Australian Cattle Dog is very low maintenance and all that is required is a regular brushing and a bath when necessary. However, the Australian Cattle Dog does require plenty of training and physical and mental stimulation so that they donít develop undesirable behaviours such as digging, pulling clothes off the line, or jumping fences. How the dog is trained is very important as they need to know who is boss straight away.

You can expect the Australian Cattle Dog to live for around 15 years on average but they have been known to live for around 20 years if they are well cared for and fed a good diet.

Who is the Australian Cattle Dog Suited To?

The Australian Cattle Dog is suited to any owner or family that is looking for a somewhat active dog. The owner needs to be willing to spend time walking the dog, and playing with it. Even though the Australian Cattle Dog loves children, kids and dogs should always be supervised (same with any other breed, though). An elderly person may find that the Australian Cattle Dog is a bit too active and boisterous for them.


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