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Australian Koolie Breeders

If you are after a dog that will fit in with your active family or lifestyle and that loves to have fun, you might find that the Australian Koolie is absolutely perfect for you.  Here’s everything that you need to know!

Characteristics of the Australian Koolie

The Australian Koolie is a medium sized breed of dog that is well balanced and athletic, and that has cute triangular shaped ears that are pricked or semi pricked.  The Australian Koolie has a smooth short or medium coat.  It is uncommon to find a long coat in this breed.  The coat colour is mainly found in a blue or red merle pattern but solid colours are acceptable.  Colouring wise, dark colours are preferred.  Merle is an unusual type of patterning and it creates patches and flecks of colour within the coat.  The Australian Koolie has eyes that can be green, blue, brown or black in colouring and even odd eyed (blue and brown).

The Australian Koolie Temperament

The Australian Koolie is known for their friendly nature and they are a very loyal, intelligent and active dog.  Being a working dog, they have a strong herding instinct, so you must be very careful if you have other small pets and always supervise your kids and the dog when they are together.  However, the Australian Koolie is an easygoing and fun loving dog so they fit in perfectly with people that have active lifestyles or with families.  It is easy to train the Australian Koolie and it is important that you do so (as they need something to do to keep them mentally and physically occupied).

Caring for the Australian Koolie

The Australian Koolie is a very low maintenance breed and they require very little in the way of grooming.  You will just need to brush the dog occasionally in order to remove any loose hairs.  To keep the dog happy and stop it from becoming destructive, it will need a lot of exercise, either in the form of long walks, or allowed to run around in safe off leash areas.  The Australian Koolie will live for 15 years on average but they will often live longer with a good diet and plenty of tender loving care.

Who is the Australian Koolie Suited To?

The Australian Koolie is best suited to owners that are prepared to give their dog the stimulation that it needs, whether that is plenty of exercise and or obedience training.  They are not a dog that you can leave in the backyard all day long.  They are also not suited to the apartment environment.

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