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Australian Tiffanie Cat Breeders

The Australian Tiffanie is a very new breed of cat, only getting full recognition as a breed in 1999. If you are looking for a beautiful, semi-long haired cat, this is the breed for you. Read on for more.

Characteristics of the Australian Tiffanie

Essentially, the Australian Tiffanie is a semi-long haired type of a Burmilla (the Burmilla being a breed developed by mating a Burmese and Chinchilla). The Australian Tiffanie has a beautiful semi-long haired coat that comes in three different patterns tipped, where the tip of the hair is coloured so that the coat is white with a slight hint of colour; shaded, where the ends of the hair is coloured and the coat looks dusted with colour; and smoke where three quarters of the hair shaft is coloured. The coat colours are the same as are found in Burmillas black, blue, brown, chocolate, and less commonly, lilac. The coat is silky and soft. The Australian Tiffanie is a medium sized cat with striking darkly lined emerald green eyes.

The Australian Tiffanie Temperament

The Australian Tiffanie is an excellent family pet as they are loving, sociable, and very well behaved. They are very much a people cat. They are not as talkative as some other cat breeds, and they have a lovely quiet meow. The Australian Tiffanie is somewhat active and they cope well as an only cat but they do like the companionship of other animals.

Caring for an Australian Tiffanie

The Australian Tiffanie has an average lifespan of around 17 years. They are not a high maintenance breed, despite their longer coat so all you are required to do is to give them a quick groom using a brush or a comb several times a week. Be aware that there are two major moulting periods for this breed at the end of summer and at the end of winter.

Who is the Australian Tiffanie Suited To?

The Australian Tiffanie is a fairly easygoing breed of cat so they are suited for both families and the elderly. They do not require a lot of room or exercise so they are ideal if you are living in a smaller home or an apartment/unit. The Australian Tiffanie is actually happiest when it is spending time inside with their owners.


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