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Belgian Shepherd Dog Breeders

If you are after a dog that you can play with, that is fiercely loyal and that will truly become your best friend, the Belgian Shepherd Dog may be absolutely perfect for you. Hereís what you need to know.

Characteristics of the Belgian Shepherd Dog

The Belgian Shepherd Dog is actually quite unique as it has four different varieties within the same breed. Each variety is the same structurally, and the only difference is in the coat type and colour. The Groenendael is a long coated black; the Tervueren is a long coated dog in a colour other than black; the Malinois a short coated dog; and the Laekenois is a rough coated dog. The actual dog is a medium-sized, finely built dog with long straight legs. They range from 22 to 26 inches tall and weigh up to 30kg.

The Belgian Shepherd Dog Temperament

The Belgian Shepherd Dog is a loyal dog that forms a strong bond with its owners. Therefore they are a dog that needs to spend plenty of time with you and be a part of the family, rather than a dog that is left to spend time in the backyard. The Belgian Shepherd Dog is good with other pets if they are raised with them and introduced properly. They are also excellent guard dogs and will protect their masters without hesitation.

Most Belgian Shepherd Dogs love water and will happily go for a swim with you.

Caring for the Belgian Shepherd Dog

The Belgian Shepherd Dog is a relatively low maintenance breed but they do require regular attention to keep them feeling comfortable and looking great. They need to be brushed at least weekly, and more often when they are shedding. Hip dysplasia may be present in the breed but this should not be a problem if you buy your dog from a reputable breeder.

The Belgian Shepherd Dog will live for 12 years on average but it may live for 15 years or more with good nutrition, and plenty of love and attention.

Who is the Belgian Shepherd Dog Suited To?

The Belgian Shepherd Dog is best suited to households that have time to devote to their pets or to families that have older children. However, like any other dog, you should supervise your kids with the Belgian Shepherd. If you will be away from the home for long periods of time you should consider getting your dog a companion so that they donít become lonely. Belgian Shepherds are fairly active and thus should be walked for at least half an hour each day.


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