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   Between 70 and 75 km from 4503    
Jimboomba, Queensland
CONTACT NAME: Marika Drube
Do you love the Big Cats Ė and always wanted to own one?
Phone: 07 5547 8963  Mobile: 0425 257 025 

   Between 775 and 780 km from 4503    
Riversone, New South Wales
Our Bengal Kittens are your new Family Members
Mobile: 0423 889 981 

   Between 825 and 830 km from 4503    
Camden, New South Wales
CONTACT NAME: Suzanne Hatcher
Phone: 02 4655 6751  Mobile: 0410 470 771 

   Between 1145 and 1150 km from 4503    
Townsville, Queensland
CONTACT NAME: Jocene Vallack
Sphynx Cats Breeder - We are able to send our cats Australia-wide.
Phone: 0747888824  Mobile: 0429681102 

   Between 1370 and 1375 km from 4503    
Thornton, Victoria
Seven years ago, I met my first Bengal Cat. As a veterinarian, I was surrounded by personable pets of all shapes and sizes each and every d...
Phone: 03 5773 2262 

Kallangur, Queensland
We are a small family run cattery only established in 2011 Our kittens are bred purely for the pleasure and quality of having the breed arou...
Phone: 07 3103 3066 

Wingham, New South Wales
Katuja is a small registered Kattery with the NSW Cat Fanciers Association, we pride ourselves on our integrity, and we aim to breed for hea...
Phone: 02 6557 0744  Mobile: 0428 770 744 

Sydney, New South Wales
CONTACT NAME: Amanda Doueihi
Australia's top bengal breeder, dedicated to protecting Australia's wildest looking cat, ​educating the public and bringing the most u...
Mobile: 0410600473 

Albury, New South Wales
CONTACT NAME: Glennis Plas
We are continuously striving to improve the standards of the Bengal and produce cats with distinctive leopard markings and glittered pelts, ...
Phone: 02 6021 4613  Mobile: 0405 002 374 

   Between 1875 and 1880 km from 4503    
GRETNA, Tasmania
Breeder - Cats, Bengal, Ragdoll
Phone: 03 6286 1123  Mobile: 0400 720 466