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Mandalay Cat Breeders (formerly Australian Bombay)

If you are after a cat that is exotic, gorgeous, and just sheer personality plus, you can’t go past the Mandalay.  Originally called the Australian Bombay and now rebadged as Mandalay here’s everything that you need to know.

Characteristics of the Mandalay

The Mandalay is known as being the “panther” of the cat world, and for good reason.  These cats were produced as the result of the crossing of the Burmese and a black American shorthair and they are completely jet black in colour, with a black coat, black nose, and even black paw pads.  The coat is short but incredibly shiny.  The blackness of the Mandalay is set off by beautiful, golden to copper coloured eyes.  The deeper copper colours are more preferred.  Size wise, the Mandalay is a small to medium cat, but they are surprisingly muscular, making them quite heavy.

The Mandalay Temperament

The Mandalay is a cat that absolutely loves attention and you will often find them either on their owner’s lap, being carried around by their owner, or just following their people around from room to room.  Because they are attention loving, they are not shy, and they will not hide when visitors come around.  They are also quite a vocal cat and will happily chat to you about anything and everything. As well, the Mandalay is a cat that loves to play and that can also be quite active.  They are great with children and also other pets.  You will also find that the Mandalay is an extremely intelligent cat and will take well to leash training or even being taught how to fetch!

Caring for the Mandalay

As the Mandalay has such a naturally gorgeous, short, glossy coat, not too much is required in the way of grooming.  All you will need to do is to give them a brush a few times a week to remove the dead hairs from their coat.  The Mandalay will live for around 15 years on average but they can live for up to 20 years or more with a good diet and lots of tender loving care.

Who is the Mandalay Suited To?

The Mandalay is suited to all kinds of owners but they are best with people that are looking for a cat with personality plus.  They are best kept indoors away from the dangers of traffic, and away from wildlife.  The Mandalay is actually an excellent family cat as they love children and they can easily adapt to a busy household.  However, because they crave attention, they are not the best choice for people that will not be home a lot.

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