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Burmilla Cat Breeders

Are you looking for an exotic looking cat that has pretty much the perfect nature? The Burmilla may be the ideal breed for you. Here’s what you need to know.

Characteristics of the Burmilla

The Burmilla breed came into existence as the result of an accidental mating between a lilac Burmese and a silver Chinchilla in the 1980s in England. The Burmilla has the beautiful colour of the Chinchilla but with the coat, temperament and body shape of the Burmese. The Burmilla has beautiful green eyes with a dark ring around them, like eyeliner. As well as the eyes, the lips and nose are also outlined. The coat is short and dense and has a paler main colour with darker tips or shading. The Burmilla is a medium sized cat. Colours available in the Burmilla breed include lack, brown, blue, chocolate, and lilac.

The Burmilla Temperament

The Burmilla is a very adaptable cat and they are known for their affectionate and human-oriented temperament. They can be wary of strangers but will soon come around after a little time to get to know them. The Burmilla is also a curious cat and, while they are quite vocal, they are not demanding. They are also quite playful, having long play sessions and then conking out for a sleep. Essentially they have the positive traits of both the Burmese and the Chinchilla.

Caring for a Burmilla

Even though the Burmilla has an undercoat, the coat does not tend to matt and thus it is easy to manage, only needing brushing or combing once or twice a week. However, the double coat of the Burmilla means that they do shed quite a lot, especially when moulting. The Burmilla is also easy to feed as they are not fussy eaters and will happily eat canned and dry food as well as raw meat. The Burmilla will live for 15 years or so on average.

Who is the Burmilla Suited To?

The Burmilla is a great pet and they are perfectly happy to be kept indoors at all times (if allowed outdoors, they should be given a secure enclosure). The Burmilla is suited to flats and apartments as well as houses, and they are suited to elderly people as well as families.


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