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Devon Rex Cat Breeders

Are you looking for a feline companion thatís quirky, cheeky, and a pure bundle of love? The Devon Rex could be perfectly suited to you. Hereís what you need to know.

Characteristics of a Devon Rex

The Devon Rex is a small to medium sized cat with a muscular body, and a wedge shaped head with large eyes, broad cheekbones, a pronounced chin, and a short muzzle. One of the most recognisable characteristics in a Devon Rex is the ears, which are large and low set. The Devon Rex also has a short, soft, curly coat and its whiskers and eyebrows are short and crinkled. It is often said that the Devon Rex resembles a pixie in its appearance. The Devon Rex cat comes in a full range of colours and just some examples include seal point, seal mink and white, blue bi colour, seal point and white, and tortoiseshell and white.

The Devon Rex Temperament

As far as the Devon Rexís temperament goes, they are known as being a cat that is very intelligent and mischievous. They are quite active and love to play but they also love to be close to their owners, whether that is sitting on their laps, sleeping in the same bed, or even riding around. They are not a particularly talkative cat but they do like to make chirping noises.

Caring for a Devon Rex

The Devon Rex has an average lifespan of 10 to 15 years and they are relatively easy to care for. However, you should be aware that they can produce more ear wax than other cats so regular cleaning of the ears may be required. Also, because their coats can hold dust and dirt, they may need to be bathed, although regular grooming should suffice.

Who is the Devon Rex Suited To?

The Devon Rex is ideally suited to a more active household, and they are great with dogs and children. If you are not going to be home for long periods of time, you may wish to get more than one cat as the Devon Rex can become destructive if they are left for too long on their own.


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