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English Setter Breeders

If you are after an active dog that has an excellent temperament and that will prove to be the perfect family companion, you really can’t go past the English Setter.  Here’s what you need to know about this beautiful, noble breed.

Characteristics of the English Setter

The English Setter is a medium to large dog that stands up to 68cm tall at the shoulder and weighs up to 32kg.  They have gentle, brown eyes and ears that hang low on the side of their head.  Their tail is long and the body is leanly muscled.  The coat is medium to long in length and very silky to the feel.  The coat is mainly white in colour with heavy ticking or spotting in blue, orange, and tri colour.

The English Setter Temperament

The English Setter is naturally an incredibly friendly dog.  They are also very loyal and affectionate, making them ideal companions.  They are often known as the “gentlemen” and “gentlewomen” of the dog world.  They are a breed that really does have excellent manners.  They are brilliant with children and also get along very well with any other pets in the house.  While English Setters enjoy the exercise that they get, they love to curl up at their owner’s feet or at the end of the bed at the end of the day!

Caring for the English Setter

Even though the English Setter is classified as a long haired breed of dog, they are very easy to groom.  The silky coat just requires a good brushing or combing a few times a week.  You only have to bath them as needed.  You will need to check and clean the ears regularly and trim the hairs between their toes however.  They are quite an active breed and they will be happiest and healthiest with regular exercise such as a daily walk or a run in the park.  Generally the English Setter will live for around 10 years but they can live for 12 years or more with good nutrition and plenty of tender loving care.

Who is the English Setter Suited To?

The English Setter is recommended for owners and families that are looking for a dog to share their lives with.  Because the English Setter needs lots of human contact in order to thrive, they are not a breed that can be left on their own.  Therefore they are not suited to people that travel or are away from the home a lot.

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