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Exotic Cat Breeders

If you are after a cat that has the personality and looks of a Persian but without the maintenance, the Exotic is absolutely perfect for you. Hereís what you need to know.

Characteristics of the Exotic

The Exotic breed of cat is also known as the Exotic Shorthair. Essentially, it can be described as being a short haired Persian as the Exotic needs to meet all of the Persian breed standards except for coat length. That means that the Exotic has a round cobby (solid and muscular) body, short legs, a large round head with a flat face, a short nose with large nostrils, and large round eyes. The Exotic coat is the main distinguishing feature of this breed and it should be short, soft and dense, and actually stand away from the body because of how thick it is. The Exotic catís coat comes in all Persian colours such as the Himalayan (pointed), silver, tabbies, bi colours, and solid colours.

The Exotic Temperament

The Exotic cat has the same personality as the Persian, meaning that it is quite outgoing, yet placid and easy to handle. The Exotic is also a very curious cat. You will find that the Exotic is a very people-oriented cat, wanting to be near their owners. The Exotic loves to play with kids, or they are happy to sit on your lap or beside you on a chair. They also love to play with toys so you should make sure that you have plenty available.

Caring for the Exotic

The good news is that an Exotic is much easier to care for than a Persian, thanks to their short coat. All you will have to do is to brush or comb them weekly and to regularly run a damp hand down their coat in order to remove the loose hairs.

Be aware that while the Exotic is lower maintenance than the Persian, they can still suffer from the same medical issues so you need to buy your Exotic from a reputable breeder. Doing this will minimise the risk of getting a cat with sinus, tear duct, eye or jaw problems. You can expect the Exotic to live for 12 to 14 years on average.

Who is the Exotic Suited To?

The Exotic is happy to be part of any household, whether it is a single person household, a couple, or a family. They are happy in any size home as long as they get plenty of attention from their owners. If you are out for long portions of the day, you will need to give them extra attention in the mornings and evenings or you may wish to consider getting them a companion.


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