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Finch Breeders

If you enjoy spending time watching birds but don’t have a lot of time to spend interacting with them, you may find that you get a great deal of satisfaction from owning finches.  These small birds can provide you with hours of pleasure.  Here’s what you need to know.

About Finches

Finches are beautiful little birds that come in a range of colours, patterns and personalities.  Some species of finches that you may find include Zebra Finches, Society Finches, Gouldian Finches, and Parrot Finches.  Most finches can be bought from pet shops or specialist bird dealers but some native species of finches may require a permit to keep so be sure to check this out first.

Finches are very social birds so they should always be kept in groups of at least two.  They will happily play with each other and keep themselves entertained, and they can live quite happily in relatively small areas such as apartments.  You should be aware however that because finches are more oriented towards other birds, they are unlikely to become finger tame or to seek out the companionship of humans. They are birds that you watch more than interact with.

Caring for Finches

If you plan to keep finches you will need to have an aviary or a roomy cage.  While you may think that a small cage is acceptable, you should keep finches in a cage that gives them plenty of room to flutter about from branch to branch.  It is a good idea to place some plants or natural branches within your aviary or cage for your finches to enjoy.

Finches are very curious birds who will happily accept a wide range of foods in their diets.  As well as a special finch mix or millet mix, you can also feed them fresh fruits and vegetables, parsley, seed grasses, and dandelions.  Meal worms are also enjoyed by finches.  If you are keeping your finches in an aviary, use a hanging seed dish for the food.  Of course, you should provide your birds with fresh water every day.

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