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Fish are very popular as pets for several reasons. Firstly, they can be extremely low maintenance (depending on the type of tank setup you have), or they can provide a challenge for an enthusiastic hobbyist.  Fish are also perfect for people that suffer allergies to traditional pets as there is no fur or allergens to get into the air. You can also have fish in any environment, even the smallest of apartments!  Even though you can’t pat them, simply having fish in your home is enough to significantly improve your relaxation levels.  Keeping fish can also be an inexpensive hobby if you choose.

Types of Fish

Fish can be characterised according to their different characteristics.  You can group fish according to the following:

  • Marine -- marine fish are saltwater fish and coral that look beautiful but need to be kept in a heated, saltwater tank.
  • Coldwater -- coldwater fish are generally goldfish and they are an excellent starting point for beginners as they are easy to look after.
  • Tropical -- tropical fish need to be kept in water that is at least 25 degrees Celsius and these include fish that live in communities, cichlids, and varying types of other fish.

Fish can also be classified on where in the tank they like to occupy.  Bottom dwellers are fish that like to live on the bottom of the tank.  Mid dwellers like to live around the middle of the tank and top dwellers like to swim up near the top of the tank.  Fish are then classified as being peaceful or aggressive.  Finally, fish will either lay eggs or bear live young.

Popular Breeds of Fish

There is a huge range of fish breeds that you can choose to keep in an aquarium but some of the most popular are:

  • Bettas-- these are small, attractive fish that have long, flowing fins of different colours.  Usually, you have to keep bettas alone as males will fight each other and it can be difficult to get females. They also don’t get along well with other fish species.  Bettas are extremely easy to look after, making them perfect for the beginner.
  • Goldfish-- these are perhaps the most popular of all the pet fish and they are easy to look after if they are in a tank that is large enough.  Goldfish are available in a range of different colours.
  • Zebra Danio-- hardy tropical fish that do well in any size tank and you can keep them in schools. They get along well with other tropical fish as well.  Be aware that the tank will need to be heated.
  • Platys and Swordtails – these fish are similar in appearance and care requirements and they are tropical fish that are available in striking colours.  They also get along well with other fish.
  • Neon Tetras-- these are small fish that have bright colours such as light blue and silvery white and have a bright blue stripe down the side.  These fish do best when kept in groups as they can get shy if they are left alone.

Choosing a Fish Breeder

When you are choosing a fish breeder there are some things to look out for.  These include:

  • Whether the tanks are in good condition and are clean
  • If the fish are healthy and happy
  • If the tanks are properly populated (i.e. not overcrowded)
  • That there is no aggression in the fish
  • That there are no signs of disease
  • That the breeder is happy to speak to you about the breed in general and that they are able to answer questions you may have
  • If the breeder is interested in your set up (this shows that they care if their fish will fit in well or not
  • If they provide a health guarantee
  • If they will send the fish to you (if you are not local)

Benefits of Buying from a Fish Breeder

One benefit of buying your fish from a fish breeder is that you are not limited to the species that are available from the pet shop. Also, you can choose the very best specimens of fish so that you can be sure that your aquarium is filled with only healthy, strong fish.  Fish breeders will usually give you a health guarantee which gives you more confidence in the fish that you select

How to Choose Fish

When you are choosing fish, the first consideration is how much space you have as this will dictate the size of your tank, which in turn will dictate what type of fish you can safely keep and how many of them.  Also consider how much time and money that you have to spend as some fish are higher in maintenance and will require more complicated pieces of equipment than others.

If you are buying more than one fish for your aquarium, try and resist the urge to get them all at once. It is much better to introduce new fish slowly in order to allow the good bacteria to repopulate themselves and get back into balance in between each new fish.

Where to Buy Fish

When it comes to buying fish, many casual owners will purchase their fish from their local pet store, which will have a selection of the most popular types.  You can also find fish in a dedicated aquarium shop which will have a much broader range and can even source a specific fish for you. You can also contact a fish breeder directly, or through their advertisements. If you are after a truly rare species of fish, you may find that fish clubs and societies are the best source for these.

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