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German Spitz Breeders

If you are after a dog that is beautiful to look at and that is utterly devoted to their family, and you don’t mind doing some grooming, the German Spitz may be perfect for you.  Here’s what you need to know.

Characteristics of the German Spitz

The German Spitz is a small breed of dog that comes in two main varieties – the Klein which stands up to 29cm tall and weighs up to 5kg and the Mittel which stands up to 38cm tall and weighs up to 8kg.  They have a compact body with erect ears, oval, dark eyes, and a high set tail that curls over the back.  Their head is somewhat fox-like in appearance and they have a “smiling” face.  The German Spitz is a double coated dog with a soft, woolly undercoat, and a rougher textured, straight, long overcoat.  There is a “ruff” around the neck. The coat may come in any colour or pattern but a butterfly pigment is not acceptable.

The German Spitz Temperament

The German Spitz is known for being an intelligent, active and alert dog that absolutely loves to play and exercise.  They thrive on human company and they are incredibly people oriented, so much so that they form very strong bonds with their owners.  They get along well with children if they are brought up with them from puppies but children should be supervised so that they don’t accidentally play too rough and hurt the dog.  German Spitzes like to be involved with everything and they will happily greet visitors and strangers alike.  Their intelligence means that they respond well to training, and training is necessary as they can become demanding without it.

Caring for the German Spitz

Because of their long and thick double coat, the German Spitz is a breed that requires regular grooming,  you will need to brush the coat thoroughly at least a few times a week and gentle brushing should be done on all other days.  This is important to stop matts and tangles from forming in the coat.  The German Spitz will live for up to 12 years but it can live for longer with plenty of loving care and being fed a good diet.

Who is the German Spitz Suited To?

The German Spitz is suited to both individuals and families who are willing to spend plenty of time with their dog and make it a true member of the family.  They don’t do well being left outside or alone for long periods of time.  Potential owners must also be willing to groom the dog as needed and to give them the exercise and the play time that they need.

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