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Keeping your pet clean is just one of the responsibilities of pet ownership but if you don’t have time to bath your pet yourself or you find bath time difficult, you can have a professional hydrobathing service do the work for you. Hydrobathing is extremely beneficial for your pet and well worth the cost.

What is Hydrobathing?

Hydrobathing is way of washing your pet, most commonly your dog. It works by spraying water over the pet from a conventional shower head (usually handheld to allow for easier access to all areas of your pet).  The water is then collected, filtered, and heated if necessary and then pumped back to the shower head. In this way, surprisingly little water is used.  Once the bathing process is complete, the waste water is disposed of and fresh water is used for the next pet.

The shower head actually gets right through the dog’s coat to the skin, and it is this that gives the hydrobath its therapeutic benefits – both because it massages the dog and it allows the shampoos and other solutions used to penetrate right to the skin and cure problems such as skin infections, fleas and other parasites. The massage benefits of the hydrobath can help with ailments such as tired muscles, arthritis, and poor blood circulation.

You may think that a hydrobathing professional and a groomer provide the same services but, despite some crossover in the services they offer, they are actually quite different.  A hydrobathing professional will mainly focus on bathing your dog but can offer some minor additional services such as nail clipping.  A groomer will also bathe your dog but they provide a greater range of other services such as clipping and scissoring (to remove matts and tangles, to cool the pet, to create a designer look etc), nail trimming, trimming hair inside ears and around eyes, and so on.

What Happens During a Hydrobath?

If you are thinking about having your pet hydrobathed, you might be wondering what happens exactly. The process starts by your pet being brushed to remove loose hair and dirt from the coat.  They are then gently placed in the bath and wetted and shampooed. If desired, the pet is conditioned as well.  Natural, non toxic products are used wherever possible.  Your pet is then thoroughly rinsed clean, and their ears and eyes are wiped.  If you ask for it, your pet’s nails can be trimmed. The excess water is then removed from your pet by a blow dryer or other means (such as a chamois or towel) before being brushed again and deodorised.  Once the full bathing process is complete, your pet will receive a treat.  Additional services may be offered but you will need to enquire with your operator as to what they provide.

What to Look For When Choosing a Hydrobathing Service

If you are going to use a hydrobathing service to bathe your pet, there are some things that you need to look out for.  Firstly, you need to make sure that the hydrobathing service uses fresh water for each and every pet. This is because if the same water is recycled and re-used, there is the risk of cross contamination. They should also clean the hydrobath itself (the part that your pet stands in) in between each customer.

Some pets can get stressed out during bathing so look for an operator that is calm and confident when handling animals. They should treat your pet with love and care and cause minimal stress during the bathing process.

Hydrobaths can be mobile (that is, they come to you) or they can be located within a vet or grooming salon. Both provide similar services so it really is just a matter of personal preference as to which one you choose.  When you are making your choice, have a look at their pricing structure.  Ask if they will give you a discount if you bring your pet to them regularly (such as weekly), or if you have more than one pet to be bathed at the same time.  Also ask exactly what services are provided in the price of a hydrobath so that you are not caught out by hidden charges for things such as nail clipping.

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