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Jack Russell Terrier Breeders

If you are after a small dog that has tons of personality, that is active, and that will fit into your family from day dot, you’d find it hard to go past the charm of the Jack Russell.  Here’s everything you need to know.

Characteristics of the Jack Russell Terrier

The Jack Russell is a small breed of dog and there are two separate breeds of the Jack Russell – the Parson Jack Russell and the Jack Russell Terrier.  The Parson Jack Russell is the long legged variety and the Jack Russell Terrier is the short legged variety.  Jack Russells have drooping ears that are short in length and a tail that is customarily docked (though this is happening less and less often these days).  You will find that there are three different varieties of coat, completely smooth coated, broken coated (both smooth and rough coated), and completely rough coated.  The coat comes in different colours but the most common is brown and white or black and white.  The body should be mainly white with coloured patches however.

The Jack Russell Terrier Temperament

The Jack Russell was bred as a hunting dog so they will happily spend hours investigating their surroundings.  Because of this, you should be careful about letting them off leash as they may not come back when they are called.  They are an extremely intelligent breed of dog however, so are highly trainable and they can excel in the obedience ring, or even at just showing off the tricks that they know!  They are good with children and they will also get along very well with other pets in the home.  The Jack Russell is known for being a very playful, fun loving dog, and they are incredibly affectionate towards their families.

Caring for the Jack Russell Terrier

The Jack Russell is a very low maintenance breed of dog grooming wise and all you should have to do is to brush the coat regularly to remove any loose or dead hairs.  You only need to bath the dog when absolutely necessary (such as when they’ve gotten into something they shouldn’t!).  On average the Jack Russell will live for around 14 years of age but they can live for longer with lots of tender loving care.

Who is the Jack Russell Terrier Suited To?

The Jack Russell is suited to both families and individuals alike and they are equally at home living indoors with the family or living as outside dogs.  They don’t like to spend lots of time alone however and their curious nature means that your backyard needs to have good fencing, so that they don’t get out when they catch on to a scent!

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