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Keeshond Breeders

If you are after a dog that is as loving as can be and that is adaptable, the beautiful Keeshond could just be the breed for you.  Here’s everything you need to know.

Characteristics of the Keeshond

The Keeshond is a smallish to medium sized dog that stands up to 48cm tall at the shoulder and weighs up to 29 kg. The Keeshond is a double coated breed of dog, with a soft undercoat and a harsher, longer outer coat.  They look like a Spitz breed of dog and they have a happy, alert, wolfish kind of face.  The undercoat is pale in colour and the outer coat is a mix of gray, black and cream.  They are often a wolf gray in colour with lighter areas.  They appear to be wearing spectacles as they have a dark outline around the eyes that extends to the ear. The coat itself is incredibly thick, and even more so around the chest, shoulders, behind and the hind legs.

The Keeshond Temperament

The Keeshond is known for being an incredibly loyal, loving and gentle breed of dog.  They adore their families and want to be with them at all times, so they don’t do well if they are left alone (becoming noisy).  They are very adaptable dogs and they get along with other pets extremely well and are also very good with children. The Keeshond is also a dog that learns very quickly and they take to training very well.  Training is important so that your dog does not become stubborn and wilful.  They are also a very clean dog, which is helpful if you want to keep your dog indoors with you.

Caring for the Keeshond

The Keeshond is a breed of dog that needs some grooming in order to keep the coat looking its best.  You should brush the dog regularly to prevent matts from forming, and to remove dirt from the coat.  Brushing needs to be done daily when they are shedding.  Because the coat stops dirt from getting right through to the skin and the Keeshond is naturally odourless, bathing is rarely required.  You should also clip the dog’s nails regularly and trim the hair on the bottom of the feet so that it stays flush with the paw pads.  Regular exercise is necessary but they don’t need a particularly demanding exercise regime to stay healthy.  The Keeshond will live for around 13 years on average but they can live for 15 years or more with plenty of tender, loving care.

Who is the Keeshond Suited To?

The Keeshond is a people loving dog so they suit individuals and families that want to keep their dogs around them at all times.  They do not do well at all if they are left alone for long periods of times.  They will happily live indoors if exercised regularly, and they will also thrive in a securely fenced yard (with plenty of human contact!).

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