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Lorikeet Breeders

If you are looking for a stunning, playful bird, you’d be hard pressed to go past the natural beauty of a lorikeet.  Here’s what you need to know.

About the Lorikeet

A lorikeet is different to a lory in that a lorikeet has a long tail while a lory has a short tail.  A number of different types of lorikeets can be kept as pets, and they are generally divided into two main groups, the smaller Australian lorikeets, and the larger tropical lorikeets. Types of lorikeets include the Rainbow Lorikeet, the Red-collared Lorikeet, the Varied Lorikeet, and the Musk Lorikeet. All lorikeets are very attractive birds with striking colours and glossy feathers.

Lorikeets are very playful birds that love music and dancing! They will form quite a strong bond with their owner and they make perfect pets if you are willing to provide the specialised upkeep and care that they require.  Some lorikeets will happily talk with the right training.  Obedience training is also a necessity with some kinds of lorikeets.  Smaller lorikeets tend to be quieter than the larger lorikeets so this should be kept in mind if noise is a concern.

Caring for a Lorikeet

As lorikeets belong to the parrot family, you will need to provide them with a strong aviary or cage which is made from materials that they cannot chew through.  As well, it will need to be at least large enough for them to fly and climb around in – the larger the better.  If you keep your lorikeet inside in a cage, you should let it out to get some exercise and allow it to better interact with the home.  You will also need to provide your bird with plenty of toys to keep them well entertained.

In its natural environment, a lorikeet eats a mix of nectar and fruits, so when they are kept in captivity, they will require a special diet.  This diet is primarily composed of a nectar mix, fruit, and vegetables.  As with any other bird or indeed animal, you will need to have fresh water available at all times, both for drinking and bathing in.

A lorikeet is a high maintenance bird to look after as they are very messy birds.  Not only are they messy eaters, their droppings can spray out from beyond the cage and mess up the surrounds.  Because of this, you will need to clean the cage and cage area daily to prevent bacterial and yeast infections from occurring.

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