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Our pets are precious to us so we want to be sure that they are in the best of health as much as possible. While taking them to the vet is the first thing that should be done when they are sick, natural pet therapies can also be of immense benefit.

What is Natural Pet Therapies?

Natural pet therapies can be defined as a way of treating your pet so that the whole body is brought back to a state of wellbeing and health, rather than just treating your pet’s symptoms. As well as being excellent in times of illness or poorer health, pet health and therapeutic modalities are also excellent for improving your pet’s overall health in general. Natural pet therapy modalities are becoming more and more popular with pet owners as they are very effective and safe when performed by a qualified and experienced practitioner. Pet owners like the thought of being able to heal their pets with natural medicines and remedies where possible. However, you should always speak to your vet first if your pets are sick or injured and let them know that you will be using complementary therapies as well as traditional vet treatment.

Types of Natural Pet Therapies

When it comes to complementary therapies that can be used for your pet, you’d be surprised at how many there are for you to choose from. Some of the most popular include:
  • Chiropractic and Osteopathy -- just like humans, pets can greatly benefit from the manipulation of the body and bone structure, in order to reduce pain from back issues, joint issues, and more.
  • Acupuncture -- this is an effective way of providing pain relief to your pets as it stimulates the release of endorphins. Be sure to use a veterinary acupuncturist.
  • Herbal Therapies -- herbal medicines can be beneficial for treating many ailments that can affect your pet. However, herbal medicines should only be prescribed by a professional as many are contraindicated in pets or can interfere with your pet’s medications.
  • Massage -- pet massage has a host of benefits for your pet and can be done by a professional or even by yourself. Massage is excellent for relaxing your pet and it can also be used to treat anxiety and stress and to relieve any pain that your pet may be feeling.
  • Homeopathy -- homeopathy can be invaluable for treating all kinds of ailments, both physical and mental. It works by triggering the body’s own natural healing responses through the use of highly diluted yet effective remedies.
  • Bach Flower Essences -- these are extremely gentle, safe and effective remedies that are of immense benefit if there is an emotional component to your pet’s issues.
  • Trigger Point Therapy -- trigger points are irritable, taut bands of muscles that are painful when pressed. These trigger points are treated with acupuncture, massage and stretching, and can be very helpful for pets that have chronic pain.
  • Nutritional Counselling -- this involves educating pet owners and adjusting the pet’s diet to improve the pet’s overall health and wellbeing. The diet can also be adjusted as part of treatment for a specific condition.
  • Reiki -- is where the practitioner directs and applies gentle, healing energy to the patient, and it can complement any kind of treatment – medical or complementary.
  • Physiotherapy - this assists in relieving pain and speeding up recovery for animals that suffer from aches and pains, strains and injuries. It can help aid your pet's ability to heal and in turn, improve their quality of life. Practitioners are registered and qualified human physiotherapists who have an interest in treating animals.

Choosing a Natural Pet Therapy Practitioner

When you are choosing a natural pet therapy practitioner, of course, you want to choose the very best for your precious pet. The first thing that you should do is to take a look at their qualifications and experience. Also ask them for references or testimonials – they should be only too willing to provide this. Alternatively, you can ask your pet owning friends if they have any recommendations.

Natural pet therapy practitioners may work in their own clinic, but some may provide a mobile service if you find it difficult to get to them. You should ask them how they operate before making a decision. Also make sure that they are located relatively close to you if they work from a clinic. This is important if you don’t want to travel long distances with your pet or your pet doesn’t travel well. Your natural pet therapy practitioner should be more than happy to work with your vet on your pet’s treatment to ensure that your pet is brought back to a lasting state of wellbeing. Don’t forget to ask what their fee structure is and how they expect payment for their services (do they accept credit cards, cash, EFTPOS, etc).

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