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Norwegian Forest Cat Breeders

If you are after a cat that loves people, children, and other pets alike, you may find that the stunningly beautiful Norwegian Forest Cat is perfect for you. Here’s what you need to know.

Characteristics of the Norwegian Forest Cat

The Norwegian Forest Cat is a large, muscular cat breed that takes four to five years to reach full maturity.  They also have solid boning.  The coat of a Norwegian Forest Cat is truly something to behold as they have a double coat – that is, an undercoat that is covered by long and glossy guard hairs.  They also have a bib (or mane) with three different sections and full britches.  As well, they have tufts in their ears and between their toes and a resplendent, fluffy tail.  The Norwegian Forest Cat comes in all colours and patterns except for the Himalayan pattern or chocolate or lilac.

The Norwegian Forest Cat Temperament

The Norwegian Forest Cat is known as being a very intelligent, curious and personable cat. They love human company and they will also get along well with any other pets in your home.  Because they are so patient and not easily stressed, they are ideal if you have younger children in your family.

The Norwegian Forest Cat is also fairly active and so you will need a cat tower or cat tree for them to play and exercise on.  They are a quiet cat and will chirp rather than meow. These cats will only tend to meow if they are trying to tell you something.

Caring for a Norwegian Forest Cat

Even though the Norwegian Forest Cat is a longhaired breed, it requires less maintenance than some other longhaired breeds.  You just need to brush or comb the coat a few times a week in order to stop it from matting and to keep it looking lustrous and full.  The Norwegian Forest Cat is a relatively robust breed and they can be expected to live for around 15 years or more.

Who is the Norwegian Forest Cat Suited To?

The Norwegian Forest Cat is equally at home in a house or an apartment, as long as they have a suitable cat tree or tower to keep them occupied.  They like to be around people so if you travel a lot or don’t spend that much time at home, it is a really good idea to give them a companion in the form of another cat.  Ideally, Norwegian Forest Cats are suited to people or families who can give them lots of attention and can spend time playing with them.

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