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Papillon Breeders

If you are after a small, loving dog that is beautiful to look at, the Papillon is the dog for you. Here’s what you need to know.

Characteristics of the Papillon

The Papillon is a small dog that weighs up to 5 kilograms.  They have a fine bone structure and a small head with a tapered muzzle.  The most defining characteristic of the breed is the ears which look like a butterfly when they are erect.  The ears can also be non-erect, or dropped, however, and this is not a breed fault.  The Papillon is also known for its beautiful coat which is long and silky.  The main colour of the Papillon is white with markings in lemon, red, sable, chestnut, or mahogany.  Tricolour and black and white are also commonly found colour combinations.

The Papillon Temperament

The Papillon is an alert, active, and friendly dog. However, it can be feisty and stubborn, so it is a good idea to train your dog using at least basic obedience training from an early age.  The Papillon is a very family oriented dog, and they become very devoted to their owners.  They are also playful and love to have fun.  The Papillon loves to make friends and they are very adaptable so they are good with other animals and children.

Caring for a Papillon

The Papillon is a breed of dog with moderate grooming requirements as the long hair does require regular brushing or combing to stop it from matting or tangling.  You will need to trim the hair between the feet regularly to stop the feet from splaying.  You can also bathe your dog as necessary.  Even though they are a small breed, the Papillon is quite energetic and so regular exercise is a must.

The Papillon is quite a hardy dog and they will live for around 13 to 16 years on average.  Like any other breed of dog, you should buy your puppy from a reputable registered breeder to avoid the risk of hereditary problems such as patellar luxation, progressive retinal atrophy, and collapsing trachea.

Who is the Papillon Suited To?    

The Papillon is suited to different types of owners including singles, the elderly, and families.  However, if the Papillon is to be in a family home, it does best in homes with gentle children, as they can be easily injured.  The Papillon is great for anyone that wants both a lap dog and an exercise companion.  They prefer to live indoors with their owners.

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