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As much as you might like to, it is impossible to spend all your time with your beloved pets as there are times where you will need to be outside the home, such as work, family commitments, sport commitments and more.  If you are really worried about leaving your pets alone, you can take them to day care

What is Pet Day Care?

Day care for your pets is just like the human equivalent. You drop your pets off at the day care centre in the morning and then you pick them up again in the afternoons.  It’s a great option if you work long hours, or spend large amounts of time outside of the house.  While your pet is at day care, they will be able to play with other animals, play with people, have a grooming session and more.  as well as pet day care centres, there are also private day cares, which operate out of a person’s home and only have small numbers of pets there at any one time.

Pet day care is especially ideal if your pet gets bored when left alone, or if they suffer from separation anxiety.  Bored or stressed pets can cause a lot of damage to your property, can annoy your neighbours (through constant barking or howling), and they can even cause damage to themselves.

What to Expect From Pet Day Care

Pet day care centres are designed to keep your pets happy and entertained.  Therefore they will have several secured play areas for your pets to run around in and be entertained by.  Your pet can choose to play with other animals or they can play with the members of staff (games such as fetch, tug, playing with toys and so on). The day care centre should have plenty of toys for your pets, and they should be regularly cleaned and sterilised so that illnesses cannot be spread between pets.  There should also be structured exercise programs to burn off your pet’s excess energy and to keep them fit.

As well, pet day care centres can provide other services including full grooming and hydrobathing, a pet day spa, and selling pet food and accessories.  They can also assist in the training of your pet and reinforcing things that your pets have already learnt.

If you would like to place your pet in a day care facility, you need to be aware that your pet needs to be up to date with all vaccinations and worming and must be in good health.  If your pet is suffering from illness of any kind, no matter how mild, they should be kept home to prevent the spread of disease.

Choosing Pet Day Care

If you think that pet day care may be the perfect solution for you and your pet, there are some things that you need to take into consideration before choosing one.  Try and use a day care centre that is relatively close to you and that is on your way to and from work.  This will minimise the travelling time for your pet and it will be more convenient for you.

Think about the personality of your pet.  If your pet is friendly and social, they may benefit from a centre where they can spend plenty of time playing with other animals and people.  If your pet does well around fewer animals, they may be happier in a private centre, where the number of animals is much smaller.

Don’t forget to check out what services are offered by the day care centre.  The staff at the day care should give your pets plenty of play time, either with other animals or with themselves.  They should also give your pet plenty of healthy treats.  Some pet day care centres will offer additional services such as grooming, hydrobaths, training, and parties.

As well, look at the costs. Are the costs set out per day/visit, per week, or what?  Will you get a discount if you pay for several sessions up front or if you have more than one pet attending the facility?  Also, how can you pay?  Is it direct debit, cash, EFTPOS, via credit card?  You need to make sure that the centre can accommodate how you would prefer to pay.

Finally, just like day care for people, pet day care centres should be run by qualified staff that you are comfortable with.  This is perhaps the most important thing of all as you do not want to be worrying about your pet while they are at day care. You should feel confident that you can leave your pet there and they will be treated like they were a member of the staff's own family.  Ideally, the day care centre you choose will be your pet's second home!

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