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The loss of a pet is extremely distressing as pets really do become a much loved member of the family.  If the worst should happen and you lose your pet, there are funeral and burial services available that will give your pet the send off that it deserves.

What are Funeral and Burial Services?

Funeral and burial services are there to help you to say goodbye to your pets, a much loved and wanted part of the family.  Your pets are precious to you, so it is important that you can get closure in the event of their passing. This is true for everyone but it is especially true if your pet passes suddenly or unexpectedly.  Companies that provide funeral and burial services will treat your pet with the same respect and dignity that they would show to a human member of your family.

Options in Funeral and Burial Services

To help you say goodbye in the way that you need to, there are several options available if you are using a funeral and burial service for your pet.  The services that they provide include:

  • Transfers – this is a service to safely transfer your pet to the facility in a dignified fashion.  They will collect your pet from your home or from the vet as required.
  • Cremations – these are carried out in the same way as human cremations, and your pet’s ashes will be returned to you in a memorial urn, a special box, or an item of your choice.  You can also ask to have a paw print or a lock of your pet’s hair.
  • Memorial items – the funeral and burial service will have a range of tasteful and dignified memorial items that allow you to honour your pet’s memory and bring their ashes home to be scattered or kept as you wish.
  • Funerals – funeral services allow you to say goodbye to your beloved pet and remember their life with you.  A funeral celebrant will conduct a personalised service including readings, a eulogy and more.  Funerals can be carried out at the funeral home premises or they can be done in a place of your choosing.
  • Exhumation – this may sound morbid but if you have your pet buried at your home and you need to move but can’t bear to leave your friend behind, there are exhumation services that will carefully exhume your pet’s remains, cremate them and then return them to your family.
  • Viewings – a viewing will allow you to see your pet that one last time and allow you to take all the time that you need to say goodbye to your faithful friend. Viewings are available for family and friends.  In some cases, you may be allowed to view the start of the cremation.
  • Burial – these services will include burial of your pet in a location of your choosing.  Burials are done after the funeral service and are conducted in an extremely professional and dignified manner.  Burials can be done in special pet cemeteries where your pet will have their own plot and a casket.

Choosing Funeral and Burial Services

Obviously, the loss of a pet is an extremely tough time so you want to use a funeral and burial service that is dignified, treats your pets with the utmost respect, and that are sympathetic with you. They should make you feel as comfortable as possible, considering the circumstances and walk you through the entire process of conducting a funeral, burial or creamation.  They should be more than happy to let you make all the final decisions.

Of course, there are the practical aspects to consider as well and this includes the cost of the services that you wish to have done. Your funeral and burial service should explain these costs to you tactfully and outline exactly what you will be getting. In no circumstances should you be hit with hidden or unexpected charges.

The sad event of your pet passing away does not always happen during business hours so funeral and burial services should provide you with a 24/7 emergency service for pet transfer.

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