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Grooming Supplies

Grooming is one of the essential tasks that you will perform as a pet owner. Not only will it make your pet look great but it is also vital to their health. Not to mention that if you donít groom, you could end up with pet hair everywhere or a smelly pet to cuddle!

Types of Grooming Equipment

Grooming equipment will vary according to the type of pet that you need to groom as some will require more effort and more specialised tools. For example, a long haired cat will need more grooming with different tools than a short haired cat will, and this is the same for dogs. Horses on the other hand, need to be regularly groomed and there are special tools that need to be used. Here are some of the essential types of grooming equipment that are used for pets:

  • Nail clippers - these are important for dogs and cats to keep their nails well trimmed and reduce the problems that are associated with long nails, such as scratching furniture Ė or owners! There is a variety to choose from so choose a type that you are comfortable with.
  • Brushes - there are many different types of brushes each with a different purpose. Bristle brushes are good for removing dirt from the coat and spreading natural oils while slicker brushes can remove excess fur. Pet brushes can be hard, soft, wire, or pin type.
  • Grooming pads and gloves - these are designed to fit securely in your hand and allow you to massage the skin and remove dead hair at the same time.
  • Combs - combs come in either fine toothed or wide toothed variants and they can be used to remove fleas from the coat, to remove mats or to remove loose hair.
  • Toothbrushes - you can buy special pet toothbrushes or use soft human toothbrushes in order to brush your petís teeth once or twice a week. This reduces plaque build up and keeps them in great condition but always use pet toothpaste and never the human kind.
  • Pet wipes - these are great for cleaning up accidents on your petís fur and can keep them smelling lovely and fresh. They also reduce dander which is great if you donít like hair everywhere or have slight allergies.
  • Shampoos and conditioners - these are vital for your petís regular bath and a huge range is available. Look for natural products wherever possible. Shampoos not only clean the coat but can help to treat fleas and skin conditions.
  • Clippers and scissors - if your pet needs to have their coat clipped short due to the warmer weather or mats, a pair of clippers is essential. Groomers also use special scissors to trim your petís coat but this needs to be done very carefully so you donít damage delicate skin.
  • Currycombs - these are used to groom horses and to remove dirt, hair and other debris as well as spread natural oils through the horseís coat.
  • Hoof picks - designed to clean out the horseís hooves before and after it has been ridden.
  • Sponges - used for bathing but they are also useful for cleaning eyes and other delicate areas.

Choosing Grooming Equipment

When it comes to grooming equipment, it is vital that you look at the type of pet that you have. For example, a fish or rat will require zero grooming while a long haired dog or cat will require near daily grooming and thus require more grooming equipment and higher quality tools. You might be tempted to go towards the budget end of the scale when choosing your grooming equipment but these may not work as well as higher quality items, especially if your pet has a thick or stubborn coat.

Think about the temperament of your pet as well. Some pets see grooming as quality time with their owner and are happy to sit there for hours being brushed or combed. Others find grooming quite stressful so you will need to use tools that get the job done quickly and with the minimum of trauma.


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