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Pet Sitting

If you need to go away for a few days, it can be difficult to take your pets with you.  However, you don’t need to stress about taking them out of their home environment as there are some great pet sitting services that will take care of your pet in the comfort of their own surroundings.

What is Pet Sitting?

Pet Sitting is a service that is provided by professionals to ensure that your pets are looked after in their own homes.  It is generally used when the owner is travelling or needs to be away from the home for some reason and the service is beneficial as it reduces the stress that pets feel when they are away from their owners. This is because they are still in familiar surroundings.

Pet sitting services will visit your home as many times a day as required in order to feed pets ,give medications, top up water, and so on.  Pet walking can even be a part of the service if you require.  It doesn’t matter how strict your routine is with your pet (for example, feeding at 6am and 6pm each day, having to medicate multiple times a day and so on), the pet minding service will follow all of your instructions exactly.

What Pet Sitting Services Do

Pet sitting services ensure that your pets are happy and healthy while you are away from the home. Your pet sitting service will look after your pet as is required. This includes visiting the home as many times a day as necessary to feed, water, and play with your pet.  They will also clean up pet waste (scoop litter trays or dog poo for example), and groom your pet as needed.

Pet sitting services will also perform tasks such as collecting your mail, taking the bins out, feeding your fish or birds (if it is a part of cat or dog minding), water your plants, turn lights on and off to make the place feel lived in, and send you updates of your pet via SMS if you need.  Of course, they will always clean up after themselves and leave your home in spotless condition.

Choosing a Pet Sitting Service

When it comes to using a pet sitting service, you want to make sure that your chosen company or person is a safe choice. Ensure that they pass criminal and background checks and that they can provide you with references from previous clients.  Also make sure that the pet sitting service is fully insured.

No two pets are the same so ideally, your service should be willing to provide a free, no obligation meet and greet service. This means that the minder will be able to meet the pet and ensure that a bond is started so they are not a complete stranger when the actual pet sitting starts.  The initial meet and greet will also allow you to ask any questions that you may have.

The pet sitting service should have a regular vet that they use and that they have a good relationship with. This way, if your pet should require medical attention, they can get it quickly.  Ideally, the employees of the service should also have pet first aid training.

When it comes to costs, you should ask your pet sitting service what their charge is per day and what that includes. For example, how many times will they visit, is post collection and plant watering included, how long will they spend at your home?  Also find out if the rate is per visit or per pet (per visit is much better if you have more than one pet to be looked after).

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