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If you have a pet, you’ll know that it needs plenty of exercise and attention.  Unfortunately, in today’s busy world many pet owners cannot find the time to walk their pets as needed. Thankfully, there are pet walking services that can take over this duty as required to ensure that your pets remains happy and healthy.

What is Pet Walking?

Pet walking is a service where a person or a company will come and walk your pets for you when you are unable to. This could be because you are ill, you get home too late in the evening, you are too tired when you get home, or you don’t have the mobility to regularly walk your pets anymore.  By using this service, your pets will still get the exercise that they need, and they will also get much needed interaction when you cannot be there.  A pet walking service can help to ensure that your pet is much relaxed and happier, making them better behaved and a pleasure for you to spend time with.  A pet walking service can be used as a one off or it can be used as regularly as you like. No more bored pets digging, barking and generally making a nuisance of themselves!

What to Expect with Pet Walking

Pet walking is done either in small groups or individually. The groups are kept small so that each pet can get the same level of interaction from the walker, as well as make it safer for pets and the walker alike, especially if the pets are allowed off leash. Ideally, the groups are tailored so that pets of similar temperaments are together.  If you prefer that your pet has individual attention, this can be organised as well. Pet walking services are happy to walk your pet by itself.

Pet walking services are happy to reinforce training that you have already instilled and they can be a valuable aid in correcting behavioural problems such as digging, chewing, and jumping up due to their extensive experience in handling dogs.  The walks last for a minimum of 30 minutes but the walk will often go longer, depending on the company that you choose. The service should always provide the pets with fresh water and treats, and give them plenty of attention.  Pet walking services will pick up and drop off the pets as necessary.

How to Choose a Pet Walking Service

If you choose to use the services of a professional pet walking company, you should firstly ask them what training and experience they have with pets.  The more qualified and experienced they are, the better they will be able to handle your pet with care and respect.  It is a good idea to check if the people within the company have had background and police checks. The company should also hold full insurances, including public liability insurance.

One way to find a pet walking company is to talk to your friends with pets, your vet, your groomer, or other people that are involved with pets (such as pet store owners). These word of mouth recommendations are extremely valuable and you’ll be able to hear what the company is like firsthand.  Don’t forget to talk to the company themselves. Will they provide you with the same pet walker at all times (so that your pet can become familiar with them)? Are they willing to meet your pet first before taking it on a walk to see if they are compatible?  Do they treat your pet well when they are with them?   Will your pet be walked individually or in a small group?  These are all questions that you need to ask.

Also check the pricing structure that the company operates to. They should give you a discount if you use them regularly or if you have more than one pet to be walked at a time.

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