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Litter & Waste Removal

Pets bring a lot of joy to their owner’s lives but one thing that every pet owner would happily do without is having to deal with the waste that pets create!  However, there are services that take care of this dirty job for you so that all you have to do is enjoy your pets.

What are Litter and Waste Removal Services?

Removing your pet’s waste is important for a number of reasons. Firstly, it can be unhygienic to have the waste lying around, especially if flies and other animals start to hover around it.  Secondly, pet waste is unpleasant to smell, and having the smell of pet waste around is embarrassing if you have company over.  Also, there is nothing worse than accidentally stepping into your pet’s waste and tracking it into the home.

Litter and waste removal services clean up after your pet in regards to the urine and the faeces that they inevitably create.  Essentially, they are a pooper scooper service so that your yard and home stay clean and free of waste.  They do the dirty work so that you don’t have to.  These services cater for dogs and cats but they can be used for just about any pet that produces waste that you don’t want to deal with – birds, small animals, ferrets, etc.

Options in Litter and Waste Removal Services

When it comes to litter and waste removal services, you have some options to choose from.  The service will come to your home and remove the pet waste for you – scooping the poops from the backyard, changing pet litter where appropriate and so on. This can be done on a one off basis for an event that you are hosting, or it can be provided on a weekly basis or more often, depending on your requirements.

Pet waste is removed using scooping equipment or it can be removed using a special vacuum that picks up the pet waste.  Once all waste is removed, the area is sanitised using non toxic products and thoroughly rinsed.  If new litter is required, they will use the type that your pet is accustomed to.

Choosing Litter and Waste Removal Services

If you are hiring a litter and waste removal service, you should check what you will be getting. How many visits will they make to your home a week?  How do they charge (per dog, per visit etc)?  Do they give discounts if you have more than one pet?  Do they provide other services as part of the cost? These services can include giving the pet fresh water, taking them on walks, and so on.

The service that you choose should be fully insured and be police checked so that you can feel secure in having them on your property.  They should be conscientious, on time, and get along well with your pets. Ideally, they will be willing to meet your pet before providing any services.  You should get the same person every time. This is better as they will be able to develop a rapport with your animal and be able to tell you if something is different with your pets so that you can keep an eye on them and take them to the vet if necessary.

Ensure that the litter and waste removal service that you use is hygienic. They should disinfect all of their equipment in between every job so that diseases and parasites aren’t spread between unrelated animals.

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