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Pomeranian Breeders

If you are after a gorgeous, small breed of dog that is both smart and loyal, the fluffy Pomeranian could be just the breed for you.  Here’s what you need to know.

Characteristics of the Pomeranian

The Pomeranian is one of the smallest breeds of dogs, standing up to 30cm high at the shoulder and weighing up to 3kg.  They have a very dainty appearance with a plumed tail that is carried over the back, and small erect ears, and a dark nose and eyes.  The Pomeranian has a beautiful, long, fluffy double coat, and the coat comes in different colours including red, sable, cream, black, brown, blue, and orange.  The Pomeranian has a characteristic “ruff” around the neck where the coat is thicker and slightly longer.

The Pomeranian Temperament

The Pomeranian is known for its extroverted, lively, and intelligent nature.  It is a great companion dog as it is both very loyal and protective of its family.  The intelligence of this breed means that they are very easily trained and they will actually excel at training.  Pomeranians get along well with children (but you should supervise kids with them to ensure that they are handling them gently) and they also get along well with other pets when they are introduced careful.  Even though they are quite small to look at, the Pomeranian can actually be a very good guard dog.

Caring for the Pomeranian

The double coat of the Pomeranian does require some attention grooming wise, and you are best to groom it at least a few times a week, preferably daily, with a good quality bristle brush.  This will keep the coat in tip top condition and free of matts and tangles.  The idea is to maintain the impression of the dog being a ball of fluff!  Even though they are a small breed, they are very energetic and they will benefit from being given routine exercise such as a daily walk.  Pomeranians typically live for around 10 to 12 years but they can live for longer if given a good diet and lots of tender loving care.

Who is the Pomeranian Suited To?

The Pomeranian is suited to older people, couples, singles, and families with older children, as young children can be a little rough to the dog and hurt them accidentally.  Pomeranians are best kept as indoor dogs with regular exercise outdoors, and they really are a little lap dog.

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