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Portuguese Water Dog Breeders

If you are after a dog that looks elegant and that is virtually tireless, the Portuguese Water Dog could be ideal for you.  Here’s what you need to know about this beautiful, unusual breed.

Characteristics of the Portuguese Water Dog

The Portuguese Water dog is a medium sized dog standing up to 57cm high and weighing up to 25kg.  They have a long, plumed tail, pendant shaped ears and dark eyes.  They are very muscular, especially around the fore and hind quarters.  They have webbed feet to help them in swimming – but this is no surprise as they are a water dog!  In Australian the coat comes in a black colour.  The coat is full, thick and curly or wavy and the breed is often mistaken for a poodle, especially if they are clipped in a similar way.

The Portuguese Water Dog Temperament

The Portuguese Water Dog is a great companion dog and they are very loyal, affectionate and sensitive to their owner’s feelings.  They just want to be a part of your everyday life.  They get along well with children and are also great with other pets when they are raised with them.  However, they are also boisterous and strong willed and can tend to be quite stubborn. Therefore, training is an absolute necessity and should be started as soon as you first get the dog.  The good news though is that their intelligence sees them being easy to train.  The Portuguese Water Dog is a dog with seemingly endless amounts of stamina and they are virtually tireless.

Caring for the Portuguese Water Dog

The long coat of the Portuguese Water Dog does require regular maintenance to keep it looking its best.  While they do not shed, you need to brush the dog thoroughly at least a few times a week to stop matting and tangling from occurring and keep the coat looking soft and silky.  You will also need to have to coat trimmed or clipped at regular intervals, either in the poodle or lion clip, or in a standard uniform pet clip.  As they are an energetic breed with a lot of stamina, regular exercise is a must.  This can be in the form of a daily walk or, not surprisingly given the name, a good swim, which they absolutely love.  The Portuguese Water Dog generally lives for up to 14 years but it can live for longer if fed a good diet and given lots of tender loving care.

Who is the Portuguese Water Dog Suited To?

The Portuguese Water Dog is best suited to owners that are willing to spend the time needed to groom and train the dog as needed, and that is able to include plenty of swimming in the dog’s exercise routine.  It can also be a great dog for people that suffer from allergies as they don’t shed their coat at all.

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