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Scottish Shorthairs Cat Breeders

If you’d love to own a cat that’s sweet, placid, smart, and loving, you might just find it very hard to go past the Scottish Shorthair.  As well as their fabulous personalities, they are also very plush, making them so cuddly and adorable. Here’s what you need to know.

Characteristics of the Scottish Shorthair

The Scottish Shorthair is a medium sized cat with a stocky, solid body. They are actually very closely related to the Scottish Fold but their ears are straight and pert, not folded (in fact a litter will usually contain half Scottish Folds and half Scottish Shorthairs).  These cats have a lovely soft, plush, coat that comes in all of the standard colours and patterns such as tortoiseshell, tabby, solids, and so on.  The eyes are large and the eye colour will correspond to the coat but it is commonly copper.

The Scottish Shorthair Temperament

The Scottish Shorthair is a loving, placid, affectionate cat.   They are also quite intelligent so they can be taught to walk on a lead, or you may find that they figure out how to open doors and cupboards!  The Scottish Shorthair is quite a curious cat so you may find that they sit up on their hind legs when they hear something so they can see what is going on, or you may catch them eating and drinking using their paws.  The Scottish Shorthair is also a quiet, non-vocal cat.

Caring for the Scottish Shorthair

As they are a shorthaired cat, the Scottish Shorthair is relatively easy to care for.  All you will really need to do is to give the coat a regular brushing to keep it in top condition.  Your Scottish Shorthair should live from ten to fifteen years on average.  They are a very robust breed with few health or breeding concerns.

Who is the Scottish Shorthair Suited To?

The Scottish Shorthair is suited to both house and apartment living and they work equally great in single households or families. They are especially good with kids.  As they are not a demanding cat, you can leave them while you go to work but it is recommended that you get them a companion if you are going to be away from the home for long periods of time.

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