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Selkirk Rex Cat Breeders

If you are after a real, live teddy bear as a pet, a Selkirk Rex may be the perfect companion for you. Docile yet playful, the nature and appearance of these unique cats makes them the perfect pet. Read on for more.

Characteristics of the Selkirk Rex

The Selkirk Rex is a medium sized cat with solid boning and bodies.   The head is rounded and they have large round eyes and a sweet expression.  However, their standout trait has to be their coat.  As they are a Rex, this means that they have a curly coat.  The coat can be either shorthaired or longhaired and the shorthaired Selkirk Rex has a dense plush curl, while the longhaired Selkirk Rex has a tousled wave that is very similar to a sheep’s woolly coat.  Both types of Selkirk Rex come in a range of colours and patterns.  Be aware that you will often get the best coat on a desexed Selkirk Rex.

The Selkirk Rex Temperament

 The Selkirk Rex is a playful, fun loving cat that will keep its kittenish traits right through into adulthood.  They are very social, curious, and tolerant and they love to spend time with the human members of their family.  As well, they get along well with other companion animals.  The Selkirk Rex loves to play games with their human companions and they can keep themselves entertained for hours.

Caring for a Selkirk Rex

 Even though the Selkirk Rex has a curly coat, they are surprisingly easy to groom as the curls are separate strands that do not tend to knot.  You just need to give them a brush regularly.  However, they may require bathing to remove grease from the coat.  Be aware though that the Selkirk Rex will shed its undercoat.

Who is the Selkirk Rex Suited To?

The Selkirk Rex is suited to families, the elderly and single people alike. They are equally as happy in an apartment or in a house.  However, because the Selkirk Rex is such a social, human-oriented cat, you should not leave them alone for long periods of time.  If you have no choice due to work or other commitments, you will need to get them a companion.  If you have cat allergies, be aware that the shedding undercoat may cause you problems.

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