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Somali Cat Breeders

If you’re after a beautiful, wild looking cat that will be the life of your home, you really cannot go past the Somali.  Here’s what you need to know.

Characteristics of the Somali

The Somali is a cat that is medium to large in size with a muscular, yet lithe body.  The coat is medium in length and soft and silky, with the tail being beautiful and full.  Colour-wise the coat is most commonly available in tawny, cinnamon, blue and fawn.  You can also get silver versions of these colours, where the undercoat is a sparkling white colour, so that only the ticking colours are visible.  Chocolate and lilac Somalis may also be available.  Like the Abyssinian, the coat is ticked, which means that there are alternating bands of colour on the hair, giving the Somali a distinctly “wildcat” look.   The Somali can be said to be a longer haired cousin to the Abyssinian breed.

The Somali Temperament

The Somali is an incredibly affectionate and people loving cat and they form close bonds with their owners.  They love to help around the house, whether it’s helping you make the beds, do the laundry or anything else.  As well, many Somalis love water and will play with dripping taps or drink from running water.  The Somali is also very intelligent, curious, and active and they definitely cannot be described as a couch potato of a cat!  They love to play games, to jump and run around, and they can easily be leash trained for outdoors time.

Caring for a Somali

Even though the Somali is a longer haired cat breed, they are surprisingly easy to care for as the coat is quite silky and resistant to matting.  All you will need to do is to give them a comb or brushing weekly.  The Somali is also a very hardy breed and has no special care or diet requirements.

Who is the Somali Suited To?

The Somali is equally suited to both single households and to families. They are best kept as an indoor cat as they have poor road sense and their natural curiosity can get them in trouble outside.  If you want your cat to have outside time, an enclosure or leash training is recommended.  The Somali is a very social cat so if you will be out of the house for long periods of time, you should get them a companion.

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