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Sphynx Cat Breeders

If you are looking for a cat that is a little eccentric looking yet extremely smart and friendly, the Sphynx is the cat for you. Here’s what you need to know.

Characteristics of the Sphynx

While the Sphynx is often promoted as being a totally hairless cat, this is not strictly true as they actually have “peach fuzz” over most of the body.  In fact, the coat is often described as being a “warm chamois”. The Sphynx comes in all the standard cat colours and patterns including chocolate, lilac, black, white, cream, red, tortoiseshell and so on.  The Sphynx is actually a very proportionate cat breed, with the same proportions as a furred cat but they look thinner, appear to have larger ears, and have thin tails, because of the lack of fur.

The Sphynx is often called the “hypoallergenic” cat because they don’t have hair, per se, but this is not necessarily true.  It all depends on whether a person is allergic to cat hair (dander) or the saliva.  If a person is allergic to cat dander, the Sphynx may be the ideal choice. However, if the person is allergic to the saliva, a Sphynx will most likely produce the same allergic reaction as any other cat.

The Sphynx Temperament

The Sphynx is known as being a very affectionate, attention seeking, intelligent and friendly cat.  As they are so smart, they are very easily trained to walk on a lead, to fetch, or to respond to voice commands.  They also love to play and to show off for their owners.

While a Sphynx may not take well to being picked up and cuddled, they do like to be close to their human companions and will often make excellent lap cats. You may just find that they are on you as soon as you stop moving!

Caring for a Sphynx

Even though the Sphynx is hairless for all intents and purposes, it does require special maintenance. This means that you will have to bathe them, trim their nails and clean their ears regularly – either weekly or fortnightly. Also, in winter they may require extra heating to keep them warm. You can do this by using heating pads or other methods.  As they lack protection from fur, they should be kept as an indoor cat breed only.

Who is the Sphynx Suited To?

Generally speaking, the Sphynx is a very active, intelligent, and attention seeking cat.  For this reason, they are not suited to quiet households. Rather, they are best suited to active owners that want to spend lots of time engaging with their pets.  As they enjoy human companionship, they should not be left alone for long periods of time.

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